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Changes to Prediction · on 11/1/2002 9:54:43 PM 15
Greetings -- several changes to the prediction system have been released this evening!

1. Delayed, but not forgotten, you will now be able to use a selection of emotes with PREDICT. The full list can be found simply by typing in PREDICT by itself. Also, if you incorrectly type in one of the emotes, you will not embarass yourself with a result like:

>predict /soft blah blah
You turn your energies inward and intone:
"/soft blah blah"

Before you ask, suggestions will be considered for additional emotes.

2. Mistakes in usage will default back to USAGE instead of telling you to look there, saving you a step.

3. You will no longer be able to use predict while unconscious.

4. You will no longer be able to effect a change if the target's ranks in the selected skill is zero. The target must have at least 1 rank in order to see any bonus or penalty to the skill.

5. In a related change, you will no longer be able to effect a change if the target cannot reasonably use the selected skill. For example, you will be unable to give yourself a bonus to Trading skill or Scouting skill, as those are guild-specific skills.

6. It is now possible for the system to be shutdown, either overall, or by sect, and restarted as necessary for things like updates and corrections.

7. And, a couple of other things which may have slipped through the cogs -- the random creatures you see in some visions will now encompass most available creatures in the realms. It is possible, when seeing the actual skill affected, for all skills to be named (things like Astrology skill were missing). And last, "tracking" was changed to "scouting".

In conclusion, please post or BUG any problems you notice with the system, or TYPO where appropriate. This is NOT the new prediction system, but you can rest assured that that is being actively worked on.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages - Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-CHISONI on the forums.