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Re: Background · on 10/10/2013 04:38 AM CDT 760
>>1) Could you go into more detail on the nature and level of public-ness of [Mortom's and Taramaine's] arguments?

Mostly sniping at each other and undercutting each other during the Hand of Meraud deal and the discovery of the Fang Cove shard.

>>2) Who is the current head/public face of the Crowther family, and what can you tell us about her? (Or him, but I find that a little unlikely.) Are Erzebet and Annisean still public figures? Are there any other prominent Crowthers we should know about? (By which I mean, "would probably have heard of during the course of our studies if the robot guildleaders knew what a Crowther was".)

Erzebet is largely retired from the public, but likely still pulling strings, Annisean is the current face of the family.

>>3) A tangential follow-on to the above two: what sort of relations do the various Crowthers have, publicly, with Taramaine and Mortom?

They lead the Progency and are highly influential members of the guild.


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