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>>(1) There's a book out there that notes there were something like 15 sects invited to the first conference. Are they extinct? Any details on them (beyond the "enlightenment via pain" etc stuff in the book)? It occurs to me that a creative player might make up what one of these mysterious sects was, and play as an exiled member or something.

It's an interesting fragment of lore and it's on my 'short' list of ideas to keep in the back of my head. I just don't think it's practical or useful, really, to try and flesh out yet another sect given most sects only have a few players as is.

Lorewise they've all extinct by now, avoiding that fate was rather the point in forming the Moon Mage Guild.

>>(2) Has prediction been weaponized beyond teleologic sorcery (acknowledging curses)? In other words, is it conceivable that similar effects can be achieved without mana mixing? I can't imagine that would make it approvable, but curious still.

Beyond cursing people, not in any meaningful sense. They are certainly reports of particularly skilled prophet warriors who use their insight into the future to guide their offense, but that's not really weaponing prophecy and that sort of technique is really more useful defensively (See: Seer's Sense).

>>(3) As a beyond-the-scenes thing, how much knowledge in the moon mage guild is really unknown to PCs? Is there like another 3 spellbooks for the privileged Compact members that Taramaine likes? Progeny keep a set of spells to itself (and especially from students)?

Good question. If by knowledge you mean "spells" then there most of it is out there. You're more likely to see personal tweaks or applications than full blown spells (See: cantrips). Otherwise when a new spell is developed it generally peculates out to the population at large, is buried in the deepest, darkest, vaults of the guild for the greater good or is kept as a personal secret and dies with it's creator.

>>(4) As an intra-guild political matter, what level of influence (if noticed at all) would a 200th circle PC have? Are playable PC levels, at the top, considered exceptional within the guild, or are 200th circle MMs really "middling" as far as the guild talent goes?

This question is a little hard to answer as the lore lags behind game mechanics (Once upon a time 30th circle was "full guild membership", then 100th, then 150th... etc) and some hand waving is required. Technically speaking many guildleaders are still set up to be like 99th or 150th circle (I update them as I log into them for the first time) - I believe in the lore they're like "500th" circle now, even though we mechanically can't support circles that high.

By the time you're 200th circle no one really is going to doubt your skill (except Kssarh) and you're fairly exceptional - but that's not the same as having a lot of intra-guild political clout.

>>(5) Who was "the Eye" in the Scouring?

The Eye.

>>(6) For research fun: Who are the (arguably of course) top three seers in the guild's history, judged by foresight talent alone? I'm going with G'nar Peth (if that counts, pretty sure he was an umbragus or something), Nera, Taramaine.

Nera for sure, though she was never a Moon Mage. You'd need to know a lot more about G'nar Peth before deciding if he should be on this list or not. Taramaine is a strong seer, but I don't know of anything in the lore to justify him as one of the top three in the guild's history. He's certainly been burned by misunderstanding prophecy. But, then again, do you have to be good at interpretation to make this list?

>>(7) Which sect would be the most catastrophic to lose for the guild?

The Compact, easily.

>>(8) Will Kreich be back and what went wrong with his cauterization work?

That's one of those things I don't really have any documentation on what was going on with his event (Literally what's on Elanthipedia and two lines of background notes from 2002). Given that he was caught up in the whole Tethia plot line however...


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