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Kreich B'Thein
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Type: y'shai

Y'shai guard for Moon Mage guild. Occasionally difficult for his masters in the Moon Mage guild to control.

Sees himself as different from Stavro, another Y'Shai. Disapproves of Tethia's decision to follow the path of Tezirah, her mother. Believed Tethia had been responsible for Stavro's death, so he killed (not walked) her as revenge after kidnapping her. Will not willingly serve Erzebet; believes she is power hungry and nearly insane.

More recently, Kreich arrived at the Great Tower of Shard to attempt to recruit Mortom and others in a second Scouring against the Children of Kalestraum. He claimed he acts on "unspoken" orders, while Mortom believes he's gone completely rogue and no longer obeys the guild.


You see Y'Shai Kreich B'Thein, an Elothean.
His cambrinth armor blocks his face, but you can see he has gold eyes.
It is impossible to determine his age.

You can tell nothing of his state of health because of the armor.

He is wearing a shadowy-black weapon harness, some tanned leather boots branded with small crescent moons, a featureless black-cambrinth helm capped by a crown of sharpened ivory horns, some glossy black-cambrinth armor engraved with an interlocking pattern of crescent moons and a jadeite gwethdesuan.