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To read about the tribe named after her, see Category:Nomads of the Arid Steppe#Nera.

Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Nera is an ancient, legendary figure for whom the Nera tribe of Nomads were named. She was an extremely skilled Seer and the progenitor of the first recorded Lunar enchanters. Nera had the Planar Telescope built by her tribe prior to her death due to her visions regarding Moon Mages in modern times. Shortly after this, her tribe migrated out of the mountains west of the Arid Steppe and took her name as their own.

Along with the Planar Telescope, Nera is responsible for naming Pelag ai Aldam and the Arbiter in Darkness. Her foresight was so powerful that she did this by creating an illusion of herself intended to hold a conversation with the two entities centuries after her death.