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RE: A reminder -- Necromancers and Consent · on 3/9/2010 11:33:37 AM 55284
Regarding false and "false" accusations...

The reason behind allowing false accusations is three-fold. First, just because a person is or was a different guild doesn't mean they haven't "turned into" a necromancer. History can point to dozens upon dozens of people that were once another guild (see: Lyras). People also cast spells from other guilds all the time via use of scrolls. Just because someone is a trader, a moon mage, or even a cleric doesn't mean they're not also a necromancer.

Secondly, the Hounds regard sympathy to necromancy and open hostility toward the inquisition as proof that someone is a necromancer themselves, since in their eyes, no one in their sane mind would openly oppose them. These are not exactly people that believe in freedom of speech and it's hard to convince them that someone's not a necromancer once they're on the trail. Keep in mind that there were dozens upon dozens of purges and hound deaths well before the necromancer guild even came out.

And finally, keep in mind that both the Hounds and the Inquisition are... really not very nice people. The hounds are kind of akin to witch hunts, the Inquisition is akin to... well, the Inquisition. They really don't care about proof, and consider the deaths of a few innocents a very small price to pay for ridding the land of the scourge of necromancy.

That being said, if someone really is innocent, the odds are stacked very heavily in their favor if they're accused.

-GM Abasha

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