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A Letter from Khalo Rae Moda Haaltekar Keldiswagg · on 08/19/2012 11:32 PM CDT 1040
A Letter from Khalo Rae Moda Haaltekar Keldiswagg to His Fellow Modien

Found in a Trash Bin Near Willow Walk

In the 406th year after the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer
On the 83rd day of that year

My fellow Modien,

Though Salvur has proved a miserly correspondent, his research is perhaps extraordinary enough to excuse his other deficiencies. I know we expected very little on assigning him to the woods, but K'Eksharo's suspicions have proved well-founded. The plants, though crazed, are quite sentient. Perhaps not in the normal interpretation the word, but there is certainly something there; their sentience can be felt, as well as their madness.

Our wayward student has struggled these many years to free even a few specimens from the blight currently afflicting the whole population. He has made some progress, but even the most promising plants eventually submit to the collective madness. I brought my greater empathy to bear upon the problem, but I lack expertise, and every sense recoils from the blighted madness pervading the area.

We must be cautious with Salvur. I feel that he is withholding from us; that he knows more about these plants, or creatures than he has shared with us. Considering the potential good that these creatures might do our organization, it is my opinion that we should be more firm with our student. This is not a time for diffidence or false modesty. Though I do worry that this research, should it become public, would shake our guild to its foundations. We must be very cautious. We must carefully control the presentation of this information, should we decide to share it at all.


Haaltekar Keldiswagg
Khalo Rae Moda

This message was originally posted in The Empaths \ Empath related Events and Empath Lore, by DR-EMPNPC on the forums.