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A stove used to heat items with a fire. Formerly an important tool in the Alchemy system, now is used for legacy systems like Brewing and Candlemaking.


  • To use this device, you will need a combustible material, such as charcoal or a burnable item from the Foraging compendium.
  • Place the charcoal into the stove and light the charcoal:
* With a knife and flint
* POINT Lighter at charcoal in stove
  • Close the stove and drop it or LOWER GROUND
  • Get yourself a jar/cauldron/etc. and fill it with what it is you want to heat
  • Put the jar on the stove and wait
  • note: you may need to add more fuel to your stove depending on the duration of heat needed for your project. Opening the stove to place more material will not extinguish the fire or re-set your project, just remember to close the stove again once the additional fuel has been added.


Item:Legless portable stove with a bone handlefalse
Item:Portable stovefalsetrue
Black portable stove shaped like a dragontrue
Cast iron portable stovetrue
Item:Portable wrought-iron stove etched with bronze flamestrue
Item:Silver-edged portable stovetrue
Legless portable stove with a bone handletrue
Portable black iron stove with a shiny brass gratetruetrue
Portable wrought-iron stove etched with bronze flamestruetrue
Small potbelly stove with stubby cast-iron legstruetrue
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