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Candlemaking is the process of making wax derived from crushed honeycombs into candles. These candles can then be used by Clerics for devotion rituals.

Creating a candle requires a candle mold and honeycomb. The honeycomb must have been crushed and then dried. Place the prepared honeycomb in a container and heat this on a stove. After a time, the honeycomb will become liquid wax. Take the container and pour it into the mold. Then wait until the wax has cooled, and break the mold. This will destroy the mold and create a candle.

A few notes:

  • You can tell if the wax has cooled by attempting to touch it. If you manage to touch it, it's ready.
  • The liquid wax can be cooled into wax and saved for later. This wax can be reheated to create liquid wax just as with a honeycomb.
  • Multiple sources of wax can be placed in the container. They will combine as they melt.
  • The candle will have 5 parts for every part of wax used.
  • The candle will weigh 5 stones no matter how many parts it has.