Osrel Meraud (2.0)

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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Osrel Meraud
Abbreviation: OM
Prerequisites: Divine Radiance, 20th circle
Minimum Prep: 3
Casting Cap: 102
Valid Spell Target: Meraud, Firulf or Kerenhappuch favor orbs
Description: The Osrel Meraud spell is a powerful enchantment that imbues a glass orb bearing the favor of the spell's namesake deity or one of his aspects with holy mana, transforming it into a magical reservoir. If skilled enough, the caster will be able to weave the pattern of other magical spells into the orb. These spells will affect the caster, but feed off of the orb's energy, leaving the caster free to utilize other magics. Currently the Osrel Meraud spell will work in conjunction with the Centering, Shield of Light, Confound Enemies, Halo, Resurrection and Abeyant Orison spells.
Example Messaging: You gesture over the Meraud orb, muttering tones of enchantment!

Crackling waves of brilliant light swirl over the surface of the Meraud orb! It rapidly begins to expand and pulsate as the glassy surface shatters, exploding outward into a roiling ball of light that rises from your palm, into the air!


  • Further casts on the imbued orb will recharge it. This has a base roundtime of 20 seconds.
    • Arcana experience for charging the orb is roughly on par with charging cambrinth for time and mana invested.
  • Roundtime for recharging the orb is reduced 1 second for every 100 ranks of Primary Magic.
  • Roundtime for interacting with the orb is reduced 1 second for every 100 ranks of Arcana.
  • Spell name means "Meraud's Gift" in Gerenshuge.


  • TOUCH the orb to place a fully prepared spell into it. If the caster has a sufficiently powerful Sanctify Pattern up and is sufficiently skilled he or she will not have to wait for the spell to be fully prepared.
  • TAP the orb to silence its fluff messaging. Useful for meetings or when you simply don't want scroll.
  • FOCUS the orb to determine how much mana remains within it.
  • TURN the orb to a specific spell to attune the orb for the next two commands.
  • BREAK the orb to end the attuned spell within, or all spells if unattuned.
  • INVOKE the orb to activate certain spells (Halo and AO) if attuned.
  • RELEASE the orb to destroy it completely.

Favor orb-based appearances

  • a brilliant orb of rippling cerulean light (Meraud)
  • a shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light (Firulf)
  • a luminous orb of coruscating rainbowed light (Kerenhappuch)

Power level messaging

  • torrents of fiery rain falling upon Elanthia from the World Dragon's maw
  • flaming magma pouring through a volcanic crevasse
  • a raging bonfire
  • a small campfire
  • a blazing torch
  • a tall burning candle
  • a half-melted burning candle
  • a nearly burnt-out candle wick
  • a pile of smoldering ashes
  • a pile of cold ashes

Orb size messaging

Orb size is continuous and not discrete. It will update with every increase in Primary Magic, though one must start with a fresh favor orb.

  • stream
  • pond (150 PM)
  • river (210 PM)
  • lake (300 PM)
  • sea (420 PM)
  • ocean (600 PM)

Spells & Combinations

Spell(s) AR Ranks
Shield of Light 70
Centering 85
AO 120
CoE 125
SoL + Cent 130
Halo 165
Halo + Cent 210
Halo + SoL 230
Halo + SoL + Cent 270
Halo + SoL + Cent + CoE 365