Negeri blossom

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Negeri blossom at a Glance
Material Type Flora, Flowers
Colors Unknown
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
  • Hollow Eve material
Required for Alterations Yes

These rare eight-petaled flowers sometimes spring up in the wake of lightning strikes. They are generally found in jagged clusters in shades of deep red or blue, and have pale grey stems and leaves. Thin, silken strands sprout from beneath each blossom, trailing like errant webbing. Legends associate them with impending strife, and it is said that to give another a gift bearing even the image of a negeri blossom is to bestow upon them ill fortune. Conversely, in some circles it has become increasingly popular to wear preserved negeri blossoms as a symbol of one's fearlessness. Whispered tales also mention assassins bearing blades with images of negeri blossoms, believing the engravings to bring them added silence and swiftness in their dark deeds.

Etymology: spider in gerenshuge.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Cerulean negeri blossomBoggle Blast (5)Boggle Blast (4)Boggle Blast (3)Boggle Blast (2)
Delicate circlet of negeri blossoms
Dingy grey robe embroidered with negeri blossoms in a blood-red hueBoggle Blast (5)Boggle Blast (4)Boggle Blast (3)Boggle Blast (2)
Green leather sandalsHollow Eve Festival 425/Raffles
Lightning-etched silver haircomb crested by a cluster of preserved negeri blossomsHair Apparent (4)Hair Apparent (3)
Sniper's crossbow inlaid with mosaic negeri blossomsHollow Eve Festival 421/Raffles

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