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The Naga are rarely seen creatures that help power Bard enchantes. Nagas themselves are creatures that dwell outside of the normal realm of existence, but when they manifest themselves they become glittering serpents composed purely of sound and magic. The Bardic enchantes Beckon the Naga and (the former) Naga's Blessing call on Lesser Naga to aid the Bard performing the enchante, as apparently does Breath of Storms.


A naga summoned by Beckon the Naga:

While it largely resembles an enormous cobra with its sinuous body and patterned hood, the pandemonium of sound and color that surround it designates this creature as something wholly different. Underneath the confusing aura is a scaled hide that fades in and out of sight, though it appears solid enough. The naga drifts aloft with eerie, explosive darting motions, oddly distorting the air in its wake.

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