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Bireena Trellsfarn
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Rakash
Gender: Female
Type: monk of the crystal hand
Associates: Tiv
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Bireena Trellsfarn

Monk of the Crystal Hand. Seems to be a direct apprentice of Tiv. Rakash.

Was reputed to have the ability to wake the comatose members of the Moon Mage Council, but had choosen not to for fear of loosing herself or them. She was able to free her own parents from a similar sleep.


7/30/2003 Following is a little story from last night. Since I have not been following the current events, I am unsure if it is relevant but in case it is... She did mention awakening the sleeping councillors and maybe someone else can make more of it then I was able to.

After visiting the Crossing, I was returning to my home in Theren when I heard a gwethed message from Sophister Bireena Trellsfarn. She asked that I opened a gate onto the Theren's Star to aid her on an errand that GuildMaster Tiv had assigned her to in Throne City. I did and she traveled to Langenfirth with myself and my traveling companion. She said nothing of her 'errand' at the time and I didn't choose to ask. Bireena made a few comments to my companion that he should find better ways to spend his coin then gambling aboard the ship. He explained that he didn't do it for the money but rather to pass the time, truth be told I think he is an addict. Bireena stated that she rarely left the Fortress, which I assumed explained the reason that she was not familiar to me. I took this opportunity to take a good look at her. As I recall, she looked something like this:

You see Sophister Bireena Trellsfarn of the Greater Fist, a Rakash Moon Mage. She has violet eyes. Her blue-black hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn loose. She has black skin. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a cambrinth ring embossed with a spiraling copper overlay, a cut-crystal hand wrapped around an amber jewel, a deep black pouch stitched with silver constellations, a brown leather haversack, a rope belt, a pair of bleached yeehar-hide sandals and an ivory cotton robe.

As the trip wore on....

Bireena says, "Is the jourey long? I hope Katamba shines favorably upon me and does not set before I need her aid to get to Throne City." You say, "I am anxious to get home. I wish this boat would hurry"

I told her that I thought Katamba would set before we arrived but that Yavash had arisen.

Bireena says, "I prefer Katamba. A silly preference from days past." Bireena says, "I have seen first hand how Katamba smiles upon my race. I always like to perform important tasks when her face is upon me, or her energy is above." Bireena says, "Perhaps Katamba will aid me in finding whatever it is Tiv has sent me to seek."

I should have probably asked her what her errand was. I was intent on getting home and spending time with my love and so I chose to only smile and wish her well on her task.

Bireena says, "I fear it is of more import than the Guild Leader let on." Bireena says, "Be well, and thank you again for your assistance."

I had left Bireena on the barge but as I was greeted at the dock, she disembarked and inquired to the whereabouts of Theren. Having to travel there anyways, I offered to show her the way. Bireena inquired on our travel if there were many moon mages in residence in Throne City and I told her that several were generally in the area. Once we arrived in Theren, she asked about the way to Throne City having been a long time since she had been there. Since we live in one of the rooms in the college, I offered to take her to the turtle. Again, she accepted.

Bireena says, "Tiv instructed me in its use, but said only it was in the College here." Bireena says, "What an extraordinary device." Bireena says, "And Katamba has waited for me."

She activated the turtle and was gone. Now, I know this is not much of a tale so far and if it would have ended here, I would not choose to retell it. But we stood outside of the college for quite awhile and Bireena returned.

Bireena smiles sadly. You ask, "What's the matter?" Bireena's voice trembles, "Hello, again." Bireena says, "Worse than that, I fear." Bireena says, "I found the object of my task." You ask, "So why aren't you thrilled?" Bireena says, "For the first time since I joined the Guild, I must return to the Fortress and tell Tiv I have failed." Bireena says, "I am not as strong as he thinks I am." You ask, "Is there something we can help you with?" Bireena says, "I found the Councillors in their pavillion." You nod. Bireena begins to weep softly. Bireena exclaims, "But I can't wake them up!" Bireena says, "I can't do that again." You say, "I don't think that's a failure on your part" You say, "Many have tried and none have succeeded" Bireena says, "It is. I'm too weak to help them." Bireena nods to you. Bireena says, "But..." A tear runs down Bireena's face. Bireena says, "I've done it before." Bireena says, "But Tiv doesn't understand. No one does." You say, "I'm afraid I do not either" Bireena says, "I can't do it again. I can't go through that again." Bireena says, "If I knew what it would cost the first time, I don't think I could have saved my parents." Bireena's body trembles. You ask, "what is this cost you speak of?" Bireena says, "The pain of losing yourself." Bireena says, "They're lost. We have their bodies, but their minds are lost." You say, "But lost implies that they can be found" Bireena says, "So you have to lose yourself to get them back." Bireena asks, "But what if can't find your way back?" Bireena says, "Then Jonela and the others can find their own way." Bireena says, "I can't do that again. I won't." Bireena sniffles. Bireena says, "I want to help them. I really do. But I can't." You ask, "Can't or won't?" Bireena says, "It's the same thing." You ask, "What must you do to save them?" Bireena says, "I.." Bireena shakes her head. Bireena says, "It's too hard to think about." You say, "Maybe we can help" Bireena says, "I'm going back to the Fortress. I'm not strong like Tiv. I can't do what he wants me to do." You ask, "What does he want you to do?" Bireena says, "To bring them back." Bireena sighs. Bireena says, "I have to touch their minds." Bireena says, "But their minds don't want to be touched. That's why they're lost." Bireena says, "They hide first. But then they forget how to get back." Bireena says, "So all they have is the pain that made them hide." Bireena says, "I don't want to touch that pain. When you touch someone else's pain, it becomes yours." You ask, "But isn't pain shared, pain halved?" Bireena quietly says, "I have enough pain." You ask, "And if you can wake one, will they not help you wake the others?" Bireena says, "Pain breeds. It grows." Bireena says, "When I close my eyes, I still feel the sword going into my mother. I still feel the arrows cutting through my father's body. I have enough pain." Bireena says, "I can't feel theirs too." Bireena sighs.

We talked about her pain and how I thought she could lessen it. But she believed that it would never go away or fade only worsen.

Bireena says, "You don't understand." Bireena begins to weep softly. Bireena says, "I have to return to the Fortress." Bireena says, "Thank you again for your help." You say, "Good luck Bireena" Bireena wipes the tears from her eyes. Bireena says, "And you." Bireena left for the Fortress then. You say, "I guess I don't understand"


9/3/2003 Or just one Sophister Bireena. And of course no Moon Mage gathering can be complete without an event of some sort. Here's a very quickly edited run down of Lirs' and Bireena's conversation that took place during the opening of our Student Council party. I'm sure that with all the people watching, no one cares about it, but there's always that one person that actually does that 'sleep' thing..

(In Throne City, via mirror..)

Also here: Sophister Bireena and Goldcap Lirs. Obvious paths: north, southeast, up. Tykyra gazes morosely into a shadowy mirror. A shimmering mirror of shadows appears momentarily in the air above, briefly revealing Tykyra's face. >pow watch You sense no clairvoyance in the area. Roundtime: 6 Sec. Lirs says, "It matters to me. I'd give up my life to save her. But you don't even know that you'd die, or be lost. There's a good chance you'll be fine. Both Tiv and I both foresaw it." Lirs says, "If I could do this, I would." Amaldur says, "they're talking about soemthing with bireena's family, and the councilers having been asleep a long time" (Khaman stops at the mention of the Councillors.) Bireena sadly says, "I'm not you." Amaldur says, "ah, she will try to wake the council" Amaldur says, "that is the sophister that tiv sent to wake them" Amaldur says, "lirs is trying convince her to attempt to wake them" Lirs says, "This is your fate, Bireena. You have the chance to do something wonderful for the guild." The bandages binding Amaldur's right hand soak through with blood as it begins bleeding again. Lirs says, "You must do it." Bireena begins to weep softly. Bireena says, "It seems everyone knows my name now. I should never have come back here." Lirs says, "That just proves how imporant you are." Bireena says, "I'm not important." Bireena says, "They are." Bireena gazes towards the pavillion. Khaman asks, "Heh. Anyone have a gate to Throne City?" Lirs says, "None of us are as important as the Guild." Lirs says, "But those inside... they've done great things. And they can do more great things." Bireena shivers. Bireena says, "I don't want anyones hopes or support. I just want to be left alone. I want to go back to my studies in peace." Lirs says, "There will be no peace as long as our Guild is weakened so. It's no coincidence that the Children chose to show themselves when we are so divided." A tear runs down Bireena's face.

(Back on our end..) Khaman says, "He's right on that. And what I've tried is but a weak attempt." Bireena says, "I have to go. I can't stand all these people in my thoughts." Bireena seems to be concentrating intently on something. Lirs sighs. Lirs says, "Sometimes our fate is not what we'd wish it to be. But we can't escape what's already seen in the stars." Bireena gestures. The air around Bireena begins to shimmer. Bireena shimmers out of sight. You hear the voice of Bireena say, "Then let fate find me. I won't run to greet oblivion." Lirs says, "You're making a mistake, Bireena. And many will pay for it." You hear the voice of Bireena say, "And what about the price I pay? Goodbye, Goldcap." Lirs frowns. Lirs gestures. With a raspy sigh, a shadowy mirror drifts up out of the ground.

Lirs gazes morosely into a shadowy mirror. A shimmering mirror of shadows appears momentarily in the air above, briefly revealing Lirs's face. >pow watch You can sense Lirs watching the area through some means of clairvoyance. Roundtime: 6 Sec. Amaldur says, "greetings" Lirs says, "I'm not at liberty to leave Throne City at the moment." Khaman says, "My apologies, it seems I should wish your meeting would have gone better." Leika says, "that's too bad." Amaldur says, "thank you for advocating on our behalf" Lirs says, "On behalf of the Guild." Lirs nods. Amaldur says, "her decision is understandable. it is not easy to risk oneself. though one may hope she will reconsider." Khaman says, "...I..I would wish to see Jonela well again, and the others. I don't quite understand what I saw, but..." Khaman says, "I'll hope. If there's anything I could do, I'm at your service." You ask, "Who asked Bireena to go to Throne City? Tiv?" Amaldur nods at Khaman, obviously agreeing with his views. Lirs says, "Bireena's fate will be met. I've seen it, as has Tiv." Leika says, "That doesn't sound good, for some reason." Leika frowns. Lirs says, "Tiv, perhaps. Or maybe she came because her conscience bid her to." Lirs says, "It wasn't quite that clear." Lirs says, "She awoke her parents and survived." Lirs says, "It's not clear how she can do what she does." Lirs says, "I suspect it's a kind of mental projection. She seems to have a gift for telepathy." Lirs says, "We've tried to duplicate it, but she doesn't really know what she does." Lirs says, "It's like asking someone how they raise their arm." Lirs says, "I don't think support will help right now. She wants to be left alone." Lirs says, "She does have a close relationship with Tiv. I hope he can convince her." Leika asks, "I wonder what makes her different from everyone else?" Lirs says, "Maybe nothing, Leika. Perhaps the love over her parents allowed her to do something we're all capable of." Lirs says, "Though, if love alone were enough, I'd have...." Lirs sighs. Lirs says, "She hasn't done more than look at the councilors." Lirs says, "That I know of, at least." Lirs says, "I spend much of my time here, at Jonela's bed. I've only seen her here this once, though I've been told she made the trip once before at Tiv's behest." Leika asks, "Is the only reason we even know about her abilities because of her ties to Tiv?" Lirs says, "She didn't speak of it until Tiv had a vision. He knew of her parents, but she hadn't shared the details." Amaldur asks, "what was tiv's vision? do you know?" Lirs says, "I don't know Tiv's vision." Lirs says, "And what I saw were merely glimpses." Lirs says, "Bireena with her eyes closed, kneeling besides Waldrin, whose eyes were open. Elvaka stood behind them." Lirs says, "But my sight was clouded. The skull filled my vision and I could see no more." Lirs says, "I worry about the skull, though. I don't know if it was related, or simply one of those unfortunate attacks we all get from time to time." Khaman says, "If she finally agrees to Awaken them, I hope there's sufficient security present." Lirs says, "Exactly. It may have been coincidence, or a warning, or it could have been someone interfering with what I saw. I cannot say." Lirs says, "I hope she informs us of her decision." Amaldur asks, "lirs, do you think it would be time well spent if we were to speak with tiv regarding this matter?" Lirs says, "Tiv is very protective of her. She's studied under him since she was very young." Lirs says, "I think he sees in her something of a daughter." Lirs says, "I don't know if he would be willing to speak of her." Amaldur says, "i'm sure he is aware of the seriousness of this situation, in any event" Lirs nods. Lirs says, "I trust him to do what it is right. If she refuses, we cannot force her to use a gift we don't even understand." Lirs says, "I can only hope she will understand what her fate holds for her." Lirs says, "Her fear is getting the best, it seems." Lirs says, "It's inevitable, I think, that she will at least try. I just fear what a delay may cause." Lirs says, "The Children are becoming active once again." Lirs says, "Tiv says that Bireena has been leaving the Greater Fist more and more. I hope she warns us when she does choose to act." Lirs says, "If they were to be killed just as we got them back..." Lirs says, "I don't think I could bear to lose her completely. There is still hope now." Lirs says, "Vivviane assures me that there are some in the city to watch." Lirs says, "Thank you, Vivviane." Khaman says, "I miss them as much as you, Lirs. Jonela was a formidable woman, deeply worthy of respect." Lirs smiles. Lirs says, "Yes, she was." Khaman says, "I have something to give her, should we meet again." Lirs says, "Then I hope you can give it to her soon." Lirs gestures at a shadowy mirror. A shadowy mirror shudders and splits into a thousand shards that quickly melt away.