Book of Anlasaen, A

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A Book of Anlasaen

For Clerics by Esuin Laufi

What do the periods of the day have to do with the Immortals that they should be so named in their honors?

There was a small sect of clerics from the islands who believed that a cleric setting aside a time of the day and meditating on some aspects of the Immortals would connect them more to the rhythms of our lives and us to the ideals of those that create and guide us.

Certain simple rituals and prayers sprang into custom, although the most devout professed that strict adherence, especially on midsummer and midwinter would create the closest link between the Immortals and the beyond.

The sect always wore simple robes when performing any of the rituals.


Anlas Anduwen is the first period of the "young day." 'Tis said that ringing a prayer bell and a simple prayer would begin the process of drawing the Immortals to our daily lives. The prayer below represents a customary one, but it was often believed one spoken from one's own heart held yet more power. Often the name of one's declared god was spoken in place of of "the gods," but most of the sect believed all of the Immortals should be honored during the beginning of the day, even if one followed the path of one.

           Anduwen, young day
           I greet thee with a prayer
           One chime, welcome thee
           With open heart, the gods
           Find satisfaction in my silence
           And rejoicing
           My birth, my death
           My sincere serving.
           As the anlas returns
           As the sun returns
           As the dark returns
           So shall I return to honor thee
           Who has called my name
           And I have heeded
           As thine I walk,
           This anlas and my last.


The ritual of Anlas Starwatch was to salute the stars upon a high hill, by singing praises to those that guard the starry path. A tea made from bark of the plant oshu'mary (also an ingredient found in the forbidden samatak) was ingested at this hour, to simulate the journey the spirit makes when the physical body dies.

           Flung above, the stellar stream
           One day I go, and not return
           My spirit set from same such fire
           Sails home where spirits burn.

           This night, gods grant me grace
           To wander as spirit from mortal form
           And safely pray return again
           With holy understanding born.

Berengaria's Touch

This anlas is the time of the dawn upon the summer solstice, the earliest dawn of the year. Lighting a holy candle to represent the return of the light and day was necessary to ask the gods to grant that return. The custom was to offer an unspoken, silent prayer.

Hodierna's Blessing

Hodierna is honored in the time of life, of renewal, beginning. This was the anlas when breakfast occurred, marked by the breaking and sharing of bread. In some cultures, a special bread called lanahh pao was used to celebrate it.

Peri'el's Watch

Midday approaches, the dragon is said to stir. Peri'el renews her singing to lull him. At this anlas it was customary to take a moment to give an offering of appreciation and thanks to her dedication. A gem is believed to be the choice of the most devout, although a simple stone is said to be appreciated as a token.

Dergati's Bane

This anlas is the peaking of the sun when Dergati's plans lie in greatest jeopardy. Preaching the aspects of light and dark, reverence and respect for both, clerics often would gather to teach the unknowing and remind the faithful.

Firulf's Flame

The time of the strength of the day, the fire of the sun. Clerics believed that gaining a favor for themselves and instructing the young in the ways of gaining favor during this anlas was most likely to draw the attentions of the Immortals.

Tamsine's Toil

The time of the evening meals approaches with the gathering home of loved ones. The devout would take this time to wash the altars of the sacred sites and temples, home to us all.

Meraud's Cloak

The anlas of the sunset, the time the summer solstice sun sets. The followers are bidden to light and extinguish a candle and bless a stranger for their safekeeping in honor of Meraud.

Phelim's Vigil

The time before dreams, it was customary to share a glass of sanctified wine with a loved one or friend.


Revelfae Anlas was when Faenella's progeny are said to come forth to dance, if the followers gather to play a song, to sing, or dance to call them. A bard among the party was recommended to assure success.