Aldamus House

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The Aldamus House is run by the Lorethew Mentor Society and can be found through the gate in northern Riverhaven W, SW from the north gate.

Located within the complex is one of the start points for new adventurers along with a small dining area, Aldamus Guesthouse Dining Room.

The Sanctuary (entry from Riverhaven)

[Aldamus House, The Sanctuary]
Sounds outside the tall vine-covered walls are muffled and distant, giving the Sanctuary a sense of privacy and peace. A fountain burbles into a shallow pool. Darting flashes of gold brighten the dark green water, which is surrounded by cushions of grass that seem to beckon to bare feet. Nearby, a more formal seating arrangement of wooden chairs shelters under several gracefully overhanging trees. A tall, heavily carved door offers entry into the House.
You also see a wrought iron gate and a door bell.
Obvious paths: north.

  • Use the bell here to get the attention of any on-duty Mentors.

Lorethew Close

[Aldamus House, Lorethew Close]
Obviously a kitchen garden, tidy rows of herbs and vegetables line the areas between stone walkways. A rough wooden bench rests next to one of the pillars that support a network of exposed beams. The beams provide a home for climbing roses, vining beans, and a couple of bird nests in warmer weather, and can be covered with canvas against cold winter winds.
You also see a small thatched-roof guesthouse.
Obvious paths: south.


[Aldamus Guesthouse, Foyer]
Green plants sway between gauzy muslin drapes that frame a partially open window. A low bench beneath a row of pegs provides a convenient place for guests to sit while removing coats and boots before entering the guesthouse proper. The entrance is always slightly ajar, allowing the fragrance of the garden to scent the foyer as the staff welcomes travelers to Riverhaven.
You also see a graceful pointed arch leading to the dining room and a sturdy oak door leading to the dormitory.
Obvious exits: out.

Dormitory (Realms entry point)

[Aldamus Guesthouse, Dormitory]
Windows at either end of the long room provide a cool breeze in the dormitory. A double row of cots, separated by wood-framed parchment screens, provides inexpensive sleeping quarters to guests newly arrived in the town of Riverhaven.
You also see A REALLY BIG SIGN you probably should READ.
Obvious exits: out.

| Welcome to Riverhaven, a port city in the province of Therengia
| Lost?  Confused?  Looking for help?
|     Look no further.  New arrivals may find HELP and ADVICE from
|     members of the Lorethew Society, whose members volunteer to
|     act as mentors for newcomers.  To find a mentor:
|        go OUT, OUT and SOUTH from here.
|     If no mentor is there, please RING BELL to see if one's available.
| The mayor has provided a guidebook to the city (look in your pack),
| as well as some coins to help new arrivals get a start in life.  This
| is a loan, not a gift, and must be paid back.  You can pay your debt
| in the Collections Office at the Town Hall (once you're on the streets
| of the town, type: DIR TOWN HALL for directions.  Type DIR by itself
| to see a list of places for which directions are available).
| Still confused?  If you go OUT, then GO DINING ROOM and WEST, a fighter is
| waiting to offer you some helpful advice on getting started.
| When all else fails, HELP and ADVICE are available for the asking.

Dining Room

[Aldamus Guesthouse, Dining Room]
The kitchens at Aldamus Manor have a well-deserved reputation for excellence, as evinced by the tantalizing aromas that waft by each time the swinging doors open to allow a waiter to pass through. Guests seated at low linen-covered tables laugh and chatter to each other as they enjoy their meal in the soft glow of candles burning in silver and crystal chandeliers.
You also see some swinging doors, a menu and a lyre-backed mahogany chair.
Obvious exits: west, out.

Musician's Gallery (helpful NPC)

[Aldamus Guesthouse, Musician's Gallery]
No music floats out into the dining room, just the rattle of dice cups and the low murmur of voices. A group of men gather around a bare wooden table placing bets as one of their number rolls the dice.
You also see a burly Gor'Tog fighter that is sitting.
Obvious exits: east.

  • The Gor'Tog fighter will ask you if you'd like some help getting started. Just stand in the room and you'll be prompted to NOD FIGHTER to begin the tutorial.
The players look up from their game with predatory smiles, as if you were meat for their taking.  All but one.  A burly fighter shakes his head at the others and murmurs something too low to hear.  He passes the dice to his neighbor and pushes away from the table to come over to you with an almost fatherly smile.
"Heyla, kid," he says.  "You're looking kind of lost -- new to Riverhaven?"

"I remember when I first arrived, how confusing I found the town.  A healer helped me get my bearings, and I promised I'd pass the favor on to other younguns.  You probably don't need it, but I do like to teach people.  Want some practical advice on how to get on in the lands?"

[Type NOD FIGHTER and he'll gladly teach you.]


[Aldamus House, Anteroom]
The faint odor of furniture polish wafts on the air, and the well-polished surfaces of the small library table and its two adjoining chairs betray the source. Tall wooden shelves stand nearby, holding a few books and some bric-a-brac, flanked by ironwood and deobar doors. Half-hidden behind a screen in one corner, a chute stands ready for donated goods, and a small cart discreetly holds some refreshments for the weary. A curious serpentine arch leads deeper into the House.
You also see a silvery portal and a heavily carved door.
Obvious exits: none.

  • The chute here is a donation chute where items for new players can be donated. The arch and portal have restricted access. The deobar door may be open or closed based off Mentor schedules.
On the wheeled cart
Item Price Done
a decanter of crystal spring water 0   
a basket of roasted nuts 0   
a pitcher of spiced cider 0   
a bowl of candied taffelberries 0   

Sitting Room

[Aldamus House, Sitting Room]
Heavy jacquard drapes cover the wide window, providing privacy and lending a cozy air to the room. Several upholstered chairs are scattered in conversational groupings under the watchful gaze of past Mentors immortalized by various artists. The room's flickering candles make the eyes on the paintings seem to wink and flirt. A tall gilded harp stands silent in one corner next to the narrow marble mantle topping a dark stone fireplace.
You also see a heavy ironwood door.
Obvious exits: none.