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Old Maisie
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 30)
Type: shopowner
Tasks: delivery, foraging, searching
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Old Maisie is an elderly Human woman with straggly grey hair and a hawk-like beak of a nose. She shuffles around the town in a shapeless brown dress and down-at-the-heel slippers rummaging in the dustbins for things to sell.


Similar to The Crossing's firewood peddler Mags, old Maisie assists new adventurers by buying foraged supplies (herbs, grass, twigs, vines, sticks) from them, giving them an opportunity to pay off their initial debt plus earn some extra starting coin. She sells baskets and is also a task giver.

Completing Maisie's foraging tasks is a way to earn Trading experience at low ranks.