Argwesh's Alcove

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Argwesh's Alcove
Festival Magma Falls Mini-Festival
Owner Argwesh
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Argwesh's Alcove, Entryway]
A semicircle of regal statues, each bearing a unique form, stands guard at either flank of the circular door in the wagon's southern wall. The space feels cramped, not due to the size of the wagon, but rather a consequence of so many wares packed within. You also see a bronze-framed vellum sign and a silver-robed Rakash attendant.

A bronze-framed vellum sign reads:

          Welcome to Argwesh's fine home furnishings!

   Here you will find majestic stands to boast your collection
   of equally exquisite, prized armor.  These auspicious
   creations honor each of the Eleven Races in their finest
   beauty and elegance.  No noble's home is truly complete
   in the absence of such a work of art!

          Simply ORDER to see all my wares.
Item Price Done
regal bronze Human statue 500,000   !!
stout goldstone Dwarf statue 500,000   
lithe alabaster Elf statue 500,000   
bright ivory Halfling statue 500,000   
towering granite Gor'Tog statue 500,000   
willowy marble Elothean statue 500,000   !!
malachite S'Kra Mur statue 500,000   !!
diminutive amber Gnome statue 500,000   
rugged steel Kaldar statue 500,000   !!
glossy obsidian Prydaen statue 500,000   
stoic limestone Rakash statue 500,000   !!

[Argwesh's Alcove, Ground Coverings]
Neatly-arranged swatches of carpet cover the walls, conveying the texture and color of each item sold in this corner. Samples ranging from the ghastly to the gorgeous are pressed side-by-side, manifesting the worst nightmare of any decorator with a real sense of taste. You also see a brown-robed Rakash attendant.
Obvious exits: north, southwest.

Item Price Done
fringed dark blue watersilk carpet 40,000   
pearlescent black silken carpet 35,000   !!
petrified morah vine rug 20,000   !!
fringed spidery black rug 20,000   
rugged sluagh-hide tarpaulin 7,500   !!
stiff leather tarpaulin 1,000   !!

[Argwesh's Alcove, Beds of Nature]
A motley assortment of furs, leaves, feathers and other odd bedding material lie strewn about in the northern corner of the wagon. Some look quite comfortable, while others are likely to be a taste that must be acquired through much tribulation -- much like coagulated ogre's blood. You also see a black-robed Rakash attendant.
Obvious exits: south, northwest.

Item Price Done
basalt-lined bed of black sand 23,000   
coral-lined bed of silvery sand 23,000   
heavy black marble slab 5,000   
pasty ghoul-skin cushions 1,000   !!
pile of bright yellow feathers 4,500   !!
heap of aromatic herbal leaves 5,000   
old shipping crates 1,000   !!
soft cougar-hide pillows 3,000   
plush snowbeast-pelt pillows 5,000   !!
bed of dark blue satin pillows 7,000   

[Argwesh's Alcove, Doors 'n' Floors]]
Two large panes of glass encase wares on display in this corner of the wagon. Behind one is an assortment of odd-looking doors, while the other holds shimmering, gem-like floor samples. You also see a crimson-robed Rakash attendant.
Obvious exits: southeast.

Item Price Done
lustrous malachite tile floor 6,000   !!
white-swirled black marble floor 20,000   
mirrored stainless steel floor 2,000   
glassy carved obsidian door 30,000   
star-shaped ebonwood door 5,000   !!
salt-stained ship's cabin door 1,000   !!