Thighs Have It (2)

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The Thighs Have It
Event Magma Falls Mini-Festival, Chris' Mass Festival 400
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, General shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Thighs Have It]
The spacious tent is draped with deep purple and dark green silks covered in elaborate embroidery. Several rugs in various shapes and sizes cover the otherwise bare floor. Along the walls hang rattan baskets with delicate stockings folded neatly within. A helpful clerk keeps a watchful eye on those who enter, ready to aid those with questions about the merchandise. You also see an ornate ironwood rack with several things on it, a pile of plush velvet and silk pillows, a low dark oak table with several things on it, a tightly-woven silverwillow basket, an iron-banded chest and a flap.
Obvious exits: none.

In the iron-banded chest
Item Price Done
brocade thigh bag dyed in variegated purples and blues 3,427   
dark brown leather thigh bag trimmed with brass rivets 3,427   !!
snow-white silk thigh bag adorned with sapphire trim 8,125   !!
On the dark oak table
Item Price Done
royal blue satin garter secured with silver ribbons 6,250   
blood-red satin garter with an onyx-pommeled dagger clasp 6,250   
midnight blue satin garter trimmed with silver thread 6,250   
copper-studded dark brown leather garter with an enameled ivy leaf clasp 5,625   
polished black leather garter secured with a shining silver buckle 5,625   
braided garter of blue and silver silks with long trailing ends 6,500   
braided garter of purple and gold silks with long trailing ends 6,500   
black silk garter sporting a scalloped fringe of delicate silver chain 6,500   
fringed buckskin garter 1,500   
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
dark leather thigh quiver embossed with copper-hued ivy leaves 10,000   !!
sturdy leather thigh sheath reinforced along the edges with rawhide knots 12,500   !!
suede thigh quiver branded with the silhouette of a long haired maiden 10,000   
black leather thigh quiver with a sterling silver horseshoe clasp 10,000   !!
fringed buckskin thigh quiver branded with the clear outline of an owl 10,000   !!
black leather thigh quiver inlaid with the silver image of a sylph-like huntress drawing a bow 10,000   !!
In the silverwillow basket
Item Price Done
thigh-high silk stockings accented with black lace edging 2,500   
cerulean silk stockings subtly patterned with long sweeps of silvery stars 2,500   
dusky black silk stockings embroidered with a golden vine of twining ivy 2,500   
indigo silk stockings laced up the back with slender black ribbon 2,500   
sheer black hose with pale ivory skulls sewn along the back seam 2,500