Dance of the Flames

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Dance of the Flames
Event Magma Falls Mini-Festival
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Game

[Dance of the Flames, Entrance]
Twin burning torches are mounted on either side of this low-ceilinged tunnel, the walls a glassy black that reflects the firelight. Elegant latticework hangs from the ceiling, covered in a sprawling array of red flame roses. A tall Elven man stands just before a narrow gate, the sides and top of which are covered in brilliant firefall blooms. You also see a glowing white portal and the seating area.
Obvious exits: none.

Picked from this area were:

[Dance of the Flames, Crystal Cavern]
Covered with a multitude of quartz crystals, the interior of this expansive, high-ceilinged cavern resembles a freshly-split geode. The light scent of cinnamon wafts from lit lanterns placed in the cave's center, with the dancing flames forming a complex pattern atop a large stage. Surrounding the platform is a circle of musicians, playing a steady rhythm on their drums. You also see a narrow gate.
Obvious exits: none.

[Dance of the Flames, Seating Area]
Covered in sparkling quartz crystals, the walls create an atmospheric backdrop for several rows of black marble benches. Surrounding a large stage set up with a complex display of lanterns, the seats are lined at an angle to offer all onlookers a good vantage point. The subtle scent of cinnamon wafts through the air, combining with what smells like a rather heady incense.
Obvious exits: out.


A tall Elven man stops you as you prepare to go through the gate. "The Dance of the Flames stage is beyond there. Be warned, if there's already a performance going on, you're better off heading that way to observe it," he says, jerking one thumb over his shoulder to the seating area.

"If you are set on dancing," he continues, "Then you had best remember that while you can add any sort of embellishments to your dance, it is the DANCE itself that matters. Very few finish it with true excellence, so don't worry too much if you don't."

The tall Elven man nods to you as you pass through the narrow gate.


Some of the commands that show off what you can do and give Roundtime. This list is incomplete so be creative.

  • Dance - Used to progress the dance along to the end
  • Leave or Stop - Used to stop the dance before it ends on its own.
  • Jump
  • Fly
  • Wave
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • Tap
  • Hide
  • Clap
  • Dive
  • Kneel
  • Exhale
  • Bow