Toasting Pit

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Toasting Pit
Event Magma Falls Mini-Festival
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Magma Falls, Toasting Pit]
Several stone benches erupt out of the rock floor to encircle a small glowing hole. Noise echoes around the low-domed space, allowing tones of laughter and joy to soften the hard surroundings. Simple tapestries outfit the walls, and smoke from the firepit weaves around the tall stalagmites and chiseled balustrade, dampening the view of the promenade over the chasm. You also see a carved stone sign, a covered wagon, a wide crimson tent with golden banners, a bright orange tent shot through with golden threads, a wood bin, a carved stone basket, a stone counter extending from one wall with some stuff on it and a rickety rope bridge.
Obvious exits: north.

A carved stone sign reads:

                 -- MAGMA FALLS TOASTING PIT --

  First, make sure the firepit is filled with logs from the bin.

   Second, LIGHT the firepit after you've PUT some logs inside.

Third, buy a stick, grab some food and PUT your food on the stick.

    Finally, WAVE your food to start your toasting adventure!

                         -- ENJOY! -
In the stone basket
Item Price Done
curved toasting stick 5   No
short toasting stick 5   No
long toasting stick 5   No

On the stone counter
Item Price Done
bag of plump marshmallows 0   No
spread of colorful peppers 0   
bowl of small tomatoes 0   !!
dish of large mushrooms 0   
tray of seasoned chicken 0   DG
platter of marinated beef 0   
saucer of jumbo shrimp 0   
plate of pork sausages 0   No