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Note: This system has not been converted to the new crafting mechanics.

Lockpick Carving is a Thief-only ability in which keyblanks are carved into lockpicks using a knife.


  • CARVE My keyblank with my knife

(and after the first carve and for successive carves):

  • Carve my lockpick with my knife

Skill factors

Lockpick properties

Material properties

Keyblank materials can be classified on a scale of very soft to very hard. The properties change as the materials move from one end of the scale to the other.

  • Soft materials will be easier to carve to a higher quality, though they cannot ever reach the top quality of Grandmaster's.
  • Soft materials will snap more frequently in the carving process.
  • Soft materials will bend and break more quickly when being used as a lockpick.

Common materials

  • Ivory: Very Soft material
  • Bronze: Moderately Soft material
  • Copper: Moderately Hard material
  • Iron: Hard material (includes "soft iron lockpick" sold in Shard)

Rare materials

  • Soapstone: Very Soft Material
  • Mother-of-Pearl: Soft Material
  • Ironwood: Soft Material
  • Silver-hued: Moderately Soft Material
  • Gold-hued: Moderately Hard Material
  • Platinum-hued: Hard Material
  • Steel: Very Hard Material

Lockpick qualities

Quality Approx Min locksmithing Skill Additional notes
Crude 84* 84 locks, 35 engineering, 23 agility
Rough 107* 97+10 locks, 55+10 engineering, 26+5 agility, 1 carve, average confidence, urban
Stout 107 97+10 locks, 55+10 engineering, 26+5 agility, 4 carves, average confidence, urban
Common 124 112+12 locks, 75+10 engineering, 30+6 agility, average confidence, urban
Slim 157 121+36 locks, 84+25 engineering, 33+7 agility, average confidence, urban
Quality 175 135+40 locks, 99+29 engineering, 34+7 agility, average confidence, urban
High Quality 184 142+42 locks, 106+31 engineering, 34+7 agility, average confidence, urban
Superior 201 155+46 locks, 119+33 engineering, 39 +13 agility, average confidence, urban
Professional 234* 180+54 locks, 142 + 39 engineering, 42+9 agility, average confidence, urban
Master's 240 186+55, 148+42 engineering, 44+15 agility, average confidence, urban. Consistently creating them from soft-iron keyblanks or forged tin around 220+66 locks, 47+16 agility, and 180+52 engineering.
Grandmaster's 340 (pre 3.0) -

Carved and initialed a GM iron lockpick at 286 ranks, 42 Agi, in a city with Stylish Thief bonus, using Khri Focus/Secure.

5-13-2020 Updated table with numbers on a new thief following the mech lore retirement. All tests involved carving 10 keyblanks and picking the best one from the result. Soft iron keyblanks across the board.

Carving in bought ivory or forged silver keyblanks appears to be as much as 3 steps higher in lockpick quality than soft iron. ie: carving superior ivory lockpick with the same ranks as a slim iron lockpick.

Soft iron Lockpicks started rarely breaking around 130 engineering, virtually never break around 160.

\* This number is likely too high.

Initialing and signing lockpicks

Only Grandmaster's lockpicks can be initialed or signed with the carver's full name. To do this simply attempt one more carve after the lockpick is completed. Ability to carve either initials or name is based on the same skills as the initial carving of the lockpick. If you have a lesser ability you will carve only initials, and if you have greater ability you may carve your full name. If you wait too long you will not be able to make the attempt.

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Varsyth picks up an ivory keyblank from his desk and begins to whittle away at it with deft strokes. Before long, an exquisitely carved lockpick is held between several claws.
"Of course, anyone can do this, although we're the best. I'm sure you've seen this happen before, however?" With a twitch of his claws, the ivory keyblank bends slightly out of shape. "Don't throw it away just yet, some damage can be fixed."
With careful efforts, Varsyth unbends the lockpick until it looks good as new, then places it back down on his desk with a smile.
[You have learned the mastery of LOCKPICK CARVING and REPAIR.]