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Altered Items

Items Details Notes
amber gatekeeper butterflies Curiously, no cord, chain or other binding links the small amber butterflies together. altered drifters, originally trio of ivory spirits
antique compass with a dragonfire amber focal
arzumodine cartographer assistant's tote
cartographer's eyepiece with a niello-accented mariner's knot chain
cascade of dragonfire amber lotus petals
clockwork Taisidon jungle kitten with orichalcum gears An intricate group of delicate orichalcum wheels and niniam wires creates the framework of this diminutive representation of the vicious island predator. Lava topaz eyes glint like flames in the triangular feline face while a plush coat of fur has been emulated with a covering of pitch black arzumodine over the frame. A testament to the skill of the maker, the head, tail and legs of kitten move noiselessly, although a very soft hiss can just be heard when the tiny retractable claws extend.
A clockwork jungle kitten reads:
"Crafted by the Merchant Turialo in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 414 A.V."
Altered sad-eyed spun glitter kitten with a belled collar. In 2015, added EZAtmo events to it.
dark leather alchemy pack The high-quality, tanned leather is lined with layers of soft spidersilk allowing liquid spills to dry quickly as well as increasing ventilation to the inner compartments. Panels crafted from wool and spidersilk break the interior space into secure compartments for the alchemy supplies. A clasp of pure silver depicts a radiant sun with tendrils of silver-laced star-stone spreading outward from a violet garnet center. Altered Hand-stitched traveler's pack; embiggened x 4
delicate locket of polished horn adorned with red-gold petaled tiger lilies in full bloom The delicate locket has been painstakingly recreated from an original gift from the Wind Elves when they opened Zaldi Taipa to visitors. Copying the masterful work of the Elves, the richly polished horn is carefully inlaid with fine red gold, each petal of the lilies engraved to detail the fine veins and folds, while darker green gold has been used to give accent to the stems and leaves. Altered replica of the Greeter gift from when Zaldi Taipa opened; has hider ability for lumpy bundles, weapons and backpacks.
dragonfire amber and cambrinth armband inlaid with the symbol of the Shard Healers' Hall Wide spirals of dark cambrinth are fashioned to overlap gracefully around the wearers' upper arm. Niello accents enhance the Dragon Spine mountain scene that is engraved along the bands while an orichalcum hand emerges from the layered metal design, its palm cradling a wreath of vibrant dragonfire amber lotus blossoms.
A cambrinth armband reads:
"Crafted by G'nar Pethian Twilightberry in the year of the Iron Toad, 410 years after the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer."
Altered heavy cambrinth armband
dragonfire amber dust
dual-banded oath ring connected by a smooth dragonfire amber Converging opposite the central setting, twin bands of polished red-gold orichalcum gradually separate to clutch the gem securely on both sides. The amber's rich, deep golden hue is beautifully complemented by the chaotic scarlet inclusions throughout the stone, and the combination of colors from it and orichalcum mimics the shades of a magnificent autumn sunset. Elegant calligraphy engraved into the bands scrolls gracefully in a repeating, flowing pattern. The inside of the ring has been marred by some disfiguring scratches.
A dual-banded oath ring reads:
" Unending devotion is my oath to you."
Gift from Anuind
Item retired to the vault
elegant pocket-chain of niello-accented orichalcum links Long rectangular links of lustrous red-gold orichalcum are accented down the center of each with thin lines of smoky black niello. Smaller oval loops of dark animite connect the more intricate links together, contrasting beautifully with the red metal. altered Decorative orichalcum pocket-chain suspending a rune-carved fob
Item retired to the vault
foraging basket woven from osage and ebonwood strips Masterfully crafted from thin strips of wood, the distinctive rich tones of brown and ebony create an attractive pattern when woven together. The basket is designed to promote air circulation within its hold while a dark leather strap allows for the basket to be carried over the shoulder. The length of the strap has been hand-tooled with stylized representations of the healing herbs. Altered Delicate copperleaf foraging basket or similar from that shop
Item retired to the vault
intricate animite haircomb set with small dragonfire amber accents The sleek silvery-black animite is masterfully cast and finished in a distinctive pattern reminiscent of the elaborate knot designs used by several of the Elothean Houses. Strategically placed channels of rich dragonfire amber inset along the flowing curves of the hairpiece are made to catch light as the wearer moves. Dark red inclusions in the rich amber contrast dramatically with the formal design of the metal, giving it an artistic look. altered
Item retired to the vault
intricate dragonfire brocade pouch with a multi-hued amber clasp
intricate orichalcum torque finished with a multi-hued amber bijou Strand upon strand of the luminous red orichalcum creates a complex design of knotwork that flows delicately around the wearer's neck. Formed in an asymmetrical design, one end stops just above the wearer's collarbone and is finished with a richly-hued amber cabochon. The other end flows further down and ends in an exquisitely wrought jewel designed to sit lightly above the sternum. Splayed with raw amber beads in gold, greens and black, the delicate jewel holds its own wild, distracting beauty.
An intricate orichalcum torque reads:
"Redesigned by Merchant Turialo Shala'mer for Kythryn Silverspruce in the year of the Golden Panther, 408 years after the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer."
altered, has hider ability for armor and gwethdesuans.
Item retired to the vault
midnight black lotusweave sash secured with carved dragonwood beads
oath ring of braided aldamdin and orichalcum twined around a lotus-shaped dragonfire amber blossom *lotus-shaped dragonfire is an altered Template:Piece of dragonfire amber
Both gem & ring altered at the 436 (2020) HE festival
pair of leather boots with orichalcum buckles wrought around a sunstar jasper dianthus flower
sculpted silver earcuff cradling a drake's heart amber Designed to delicately trail the outside of the wearer's ear, the fine silver curls and flows around each curve gracefully. Near the bottom edge, the cuff ends in a small spiral that supports a cleverly designed gem setting. Set into the earcuff is a drake's heart amber. altered gem-setting item
Item retired to the vault
set of dark leathers with hand-tooled patterns down each arm
soft black arzumodine cloak with pure white vela'tohr flowers embroidered on one side Crafted from the finest arzumodine cloth, the silk and arzumos wool threads of the rich material hold a subtle array of complimentary colors reminiscent of the twilight sky. The long, simply finished garment has ample pockets for storing a multitude of necessities for the adventurous traveler while the distinctive fabric provides for comfort when exposed to nature's extreme elements. altered Romancing the Seas "found" cloak or Feast of Eluned "turn in"? But was originally a blue-black wool cloak embroidered with clusters of flowers. Can put picked flowers on to modify the LOOK, also similar to a "shimmer" item with different color options
soft black lotusweave culotte with intricately worked bands of osage orange blossoms near the hem
snug Elothean silk bandeau wrapped around the chest Subtle variations in the coloring of the soft fabric shift like deep night shadows when light plays across the finely brushed surface. Small black opals have been beaded randomly throughout the luxurious silk, the vibrant colors deep within flaring with brilliance like a warm fire before fading back into the cloth when touched by light. Altered Length of fabric; is a length of Elothean silk fabric when held
Item retired to the vault
snug Longleaf lotusweave bandeau wrapped around the chest
spidersilk mapmaker's haversack The exquisitely crafted mapmaker's haversack is efficiently designed to store and protect the precious tools and maps of the cartographer's trade, and to evenly distribute heavy weight for those long journeys to faraway lands. Waterproof side pockets, clasped with small fasteners of silver and dark crystal, allow quick access to things such as sketchbooks, compasses and the like.
A spidersilk mapmaker's haversack reads:
Crafted by Thryntyrlz "Big Bags by Small Hands" BagMaker for Kythryn Silverspruce in the year of the Golden Panther, 366 years after the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
Altered Spidersilk traveler's backpack; this was also "stretched" by Thryntyrlz during the alteration to increase the size
Taisidon sunset garnet earring styled to look like a sunburst lotus The delicate bloom is made of subtly curved gems that are cut to enhance the deep orange hue reminiscent of a tropical sunset. Attached to a twining orichalcum vine, the earpiece is designed to pierce the wearer's ear in two locations. Tiny serrated leaves of multi-hued green amber attached to the slender wires enable the vine to be stabilized around the helix of the ear when worn. A small orichalcum stud engraved with a simple shesegri symbol is positioned opposite the resplendent sunburst lotus.
A sunset garnet earring reads:
"Redesigned by Tildi Koski in the year 416."
altered feature-worn jewelry
vintage fob inlaid with a dragonfire amber mariner's compass
vintage mariner's compass rose with dragonfire amber inlay
white gold captain's ring set with a forest's heart garnet

Additional Items of Note

Items Details Notes
sprawling phantasmal blue Ilithian cedar tree Sprawling phantasmal blue limbs branch off a thick trunk rising majestically from the ground. Each limb supports a myriad of smaller branch fronds covered with golden needles, many supporting large, intricate dark gold pinecones. The rough bark on the trunk has a number of smooth patches, emulating how the bark on a live specimen would have been worn smooth after years of hands touching the tree. Carved into the bark is an elaborate mariner's compass surrounding a simple ~KS~ in the center. Unique Circle of Sympathy cast
* Map in hand, Kythryn Silverspruce just wandered in from exploring.
* Kythryn just wandered off, muttering about out-of-date maps.
* Wandering in looking disheveled but smug, Kythryn arrives with a new map in hand.
* Shaking her head in dismay, Kythryn just wandered off muttering to herself about out-of-date maps.
Custom arrival and departure messaging
soft silk sack Contains a pair of narrow spectacles with ochre-stained bone frames, a crisp silk-bound tome and an elegant feather quill set with a verdant dragonvein agate. A thank you gift set from the DR "staff" for help editing epedia during the 417 Hollow Eve event in 2015
weathered osage sign that reads "ALCHEMIST AT WORK ~ STOP AT YOUR OWN RISK!" READ: A weathered osage sign reads:
"ALCHEMIST AT WORK ~ STOP AT YOUR OWN RISK!" There appears to be a disclaimer below the message, but it is mostly illegible.

LOOK: Upon closer inspection of the sign, you see some faint char burns and unidentifiable stains marring the once high quality wood. Smaller lettering under the sign looks to read like a disclaimer, mostly unreadable now, but with some like "accidents during testing", "not responsible" and "irreparable damages" still all too legible.
A customized blank sign.