Romancing the Seas

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A pay festival in 2004.

Official Description

Take a tour of Elanthia with Countess and her ship the Jaal Jeraya!

Humorously named the "Romance Boat" by some, the Jaal Jeraya will set sail on a tour of Elanthian port cities.

Join the Countess Vanassa on a leisurely cruise from The Crossing, to Riverhaven and finally to Aesry Surlaenis. Along the way, enjoy the Birthday Bonanza, Singles' Night, Wild Wedding Night, several raffles with great prizes, over THREE DOZEN Merchants, and a private Auction! That's right! One ticket gains your admission to ALL of these fabulous events!

Schedule of Events

The Crossing December 23rd - 26th Birthdays Bonanza - December 23th, 1 p.m. EST Want to celebrate an upcoming or recent birthday in style? Join your friends for our giant Birthday Bonanza! Party hats and cake will be provided! You could even win a fabulous prize in one of the special raffles! What are you waiting for?

Riverhaven December 26th - 29th Singles' Night - December 26th, 1 p.m. EST Are you a Bard stuck singing the blues? Are you a Moon Mage with no one in your stars? Then YOU need to join us for our first-ever Singles Cruise! Enjoy beautiful scenery, delicious food, and a romantic dance floor! Don't miss what's sure to be the party of the year!

Aesry Surlaenis December 29th - January 2nd Wild Wedding Night - December 29th Wedding bells in the air? Want to renew your vows? Well head on over to the Jaal Jeraya's own cozy wedding chapel! Cake and rosettes are provided and there are plenty of opportunities for shopping aboard the ship to complete the perfect outfit for the perfect day! You might even win a prize in one of the special raffles! Your "special someone" will love it!

The Auction - January 2nd, 1 p.m. EST Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come join us for a truly fabulous Auction on the Jaal Jeraya. This auction will be the closing event of the festival cruise. Featuring vouchers from esteemed merchants, exotic and never-before-seen weapons and magical items, a one-of-a-kind mount, a customized Cutter, and MORE! Don't miss this!

It won't be long before we set sail, so hurry and get your ticket today! And don't forget, a very few special passengers get all this AND MORE!

Deluxe Ticket

Romancing the Seas: Deluxe Cruise

By purchasing one of the limited Deluxe Cruise Tickets, you are entitled to all the standard events on the Jaal Jaraya AND MORE.

Access to EXCLUSIVE Merchants! Attendees who purchase a Deluxe Ticket can choose ONE of the following special never-before-seen merchants to visit:
Meet the renowned Lore Scrivener Horatius Stebbins who will be selling special custom Titles!
Join the Actionist Steck Bunkwinkle, Elder Gnome, for your own custom verb, completely unique to your character!
Visit Master Smith Flargo Goodiron for totally unique and completely customized items! Add a verb or special messaging to any standard item of your choice!
In addition, there will also be merchants in attendance who will only open their doors for Deluxe Ticket Holders!

A Special Raffle!

Everyone wins something, but some will win big! Prizes include magical containers, rare and highly sought after items, and more!

A Private Token Auction!

Attend the private Token auction where money is no object! Use your Token to bid on an item you want. Once the tokens are in the bag, we draw a winner! The remaining tokens go back to their owners who now have another chance to win! Items in the Token Auction include: extra special magical and exotic weapons, a customized Galleon, special vouchers for the Exclusive Deluxe Cruise Merchants, and more!

These tickets are EXTREMELY LIMITED and are selling out FAST, so DON'T DELAY!


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