Silver Eye

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Silver Eye
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Silver Eye, Foyer]
Pale silk curtains frame frosted glass windows that are set into the walls of the spacious foyer. A registration desk stands in the center, wealthy traders and distinguished dilletantes passing by. Elegant glass vases and lifesculpted plants add an elegant air to this place.
Obvious exits: north, out.

[Silver Eye, Hall of Heroes]
Portraits of ancient heroes line the walls. A bust of the Ferdahl Kukalakai rests on a marble pedestal in the center of the room. A wool carpet covers the cold stone floor.
Obvious exits: east, south.

[Silver Eye, Hallway]
A plush golden wool runner trails from one end of the hallway to a large winding oak stair. Gilded sculptures line the walls, ornate carvings of wood poised in elegant embraces. A potted t'gora plant perfumes the air with a thick, heady scent as its snow-white blossoms open wide in the dim lighting of the room.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[Silver Eye, Tavern Room]
A warm fire throws mottled shadows over the dark corners. People sit chatting in quiet voices, toasting with mulled ale and fine spring wines. The scent of roasted meat drifts through the air.
Obvious exits: north, west.

[Silver Eye, Bar]
A tall Elothean stands behind a slender obsidian bar serving drinks and food. Pale silk cloths cover round wooden tables. The thick scent of elven wine permeates the air. Flickering candle lights hover softly, their soft illuminations casting shadows around the room. You also see a slender obsidian bar with a couple of things on it and a smokewood door.
Obvious exits: south.

  • Note: The previous version of this room can be found archived here.
    The Silver Eye Inn                ___----___
                                -__---  /////\  ---__-
                              ---      (/(  )/)      ---
       Fine Drink               --      \/////      --
         Fine Dining              -___   \///   ___-
           Fine Company               ---_\/_---
Item Price Done
1 - Aged Whiskey - Blended with corn grain and aged in charred oak kegs... 55   !!
2 - White Wine - A light, semi-sweetened drink for any occasion... 45   !!
3 - Red Wine - A full-bodied libation with an unmistakable flavor... 50   !!
4 - Cherry Mead - Made from aged honey and flavored with cherry juice... 50   !!
5 - Amber Perry - Cultivated from the finest pears for superior quality... 40   !!
6 - Golden Cider - From a secret-recipe blend of five types of apples... 40   !!
7 - Sibona Brandy - Distilled from sweet red wine, with a caramel hue... 65   !!
8 - Black Rum - A drink with a strong, sweet flavor and heady overtones... 50   !!

[Silver Eye, Meeting Room]
Dominating the room is a large circular table covered with a pale silk cloth. Smokewood chairs with plush seats encircle the table and a small obsidian bar rests against the back wall. The thick scent of Elven wine permeates the air from the nearby bar and flickering candle lights cast shadows around the room. You also see a long obsidian buffet draped with a lacy cloth with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the obsidian bar
Item Price Done
some sparkling cut crystal snifters of Rekave's ridiculously refined brandy 0   !!
some shots of Crystal Tequila balanced atop a sculpted-ice lotus blossom 0   !!
an artful arrangement of delicate ceramic cups filled with nanasea tea 0   !!
some cups of ruby-red tea nestled within a colorful display of hibiscus flowers 0   !!
a frosted pitcher of effervescent strawberry champagne tea 0   !!
a carved ice display topped with tall polychromatic glasses of Ilithi Sunrise 0   !!
a bamboo tray arranged with frozen glasses of Triage Overflow 0   !!
some fluted glasses of pale silver wine arranged atop a platinum tray 0   !!
a colorful assortment of waxed paper cartons pierced with sugar cane straws 0   !!
a monstrous urn of midnight black coffee flanked by stacks of blood-red mugs 0   !!
On the obsidian buffet
Item Price Done
a profusion of delicate chocolate and mint meringue cookies stacked atop a silvered tray 0   !!
a mountainous display of simple cupcakes frosted to resemble snowy peaks 0   !!
a four-tier crystal stand showcasing triple chocolate fudge cupcakes 0   !!
a tray of tantalizing taffelberry tarts topped with tart cherry glaze 0   !!
an impressive assortment of fluffy diakasuur served up on blue glass plates 0   !!
a woven basket filled with colorfully decorated sugar cookies 0   !!
a carefully stacked pyramid of dark chocolate covered cake truffles 0   !!
a stunning five-tier cake frosted with pristine white buttercream strewn with delicate spun sugar lotuses and fragile chocolate stars 0   !!