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Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see Botanist Khazera Rurlarada of the Order of the Black Fox, a Prydaen Empath.
Khazera has pointed ears and cat-slitted crystal green eyes. Her honey mane is very long and wavy, and is worn loose. She has tawny fur with silver points and black stripes and a slender tail.
She is a moth-stalker for a Prydaen.

She is wearing an enameled zebra wing finch, a diamond necklace, a fang-tipped flint torque, some tiny crystal rose earrings, a raven-shaped obsidian pin, a jet unicorn armband, some sapphire leather leggings, a onyx unicorn ring, a striped enameled button labeled "Tiger Clan Empath", some brogans, a cambrinth ring, a grey enameled button labeled "Wolf Clan Empath", a white enameled button labeled "Aesry Surlaenis'a Empath", an emerald band, a silverwillow ring carved in the shape of a charging ram, a tiny wooden tree pin, a sturdy black backpack, a tarnished heart-etched pin, a silver eyebrow ring, a blue enameled button labeled "Crossing Empath", a carved obsidian earcuff, a dark velvet reticule with soft satin ties, an enameled-iron black fox pin with bright amber eyes, an herb pouch shabbily embroidered with an Empath crest pattern in black thread, an amethyst anklet, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, a royal blue enameled button labeled "Therenborough Empath", a spiraling crystal brooch, a blued-steel castle-shaped pin, a crystal pebble inset earring, a lightened bo stick, a rough leather-clasped carpetbag, a veiled garden hat, a long boiled-leather coat, a leather-covered buckler, a purple enameled button labeled "Shard Empath", a fine platinum chain, a turquoise enameled button labeled "Riverhaven Empath", a hip pouch, a small bundle, a polished black pearl bangle, a lantholite gwethdesuan, a lasmodi gwethdesuan, a gold enameled button labeled "Ratha Empath" and some blood red gloves.

Born on the 12th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Golden Panther, 366 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

General Information

Khazera can usually be found at the The Crossing Empath guild taking care of patients and of course her special love, the bucket of viscous gloop. For years she took care of her her younger sisters Ithschade and Athenasia, but they have moved out on their own. She has grown to be a decent healer and take take diseases and poison.

She is an aficionado at foraging, climbing, perception, teaching and appraising.


Besides the afore mentioned goal of becoming better at easing the pains of the world, another major cause that occupies her mind is the state of Prydaens in Elanthia. She hopes one day to create an order of Prydaens that not only spreads knowledge and understanding to other races but helps younger Prydaens in the world. She grew up with the stories of the hardships the Prydaens have gone through and then he recent history of the The Haven Revolutionary Army has made her understand that the suffering has not ended by coming to the new lands. One day she hopes to create the Kodavu pe Prydaen Gagrupi.

She encourages everyone to read about Prydaens. Some of the works are :

Personal Chronology

366 - Nissa 12 - Khazera was born.
390 - Akroeg (390/28) - Joined the Order of the Black Fox.
390 - Lirisa (390/93) - Discovered a lonely hermit gnome and took him into her household as her page.
390 - Shorka (390/152) - Met Romhos and is considering his possibilities.


Khazera collects empath buttons and cards, she has the following :

  • Empath Buttons:
    • Aesry Surlaenis'a
    • Crossing
    • Ratha
    • Riverhaven
    • Shard
    • Therenborough
    • Tiger Clan
    • Wolf Clan
  • Cards:
    • Famous Faces Teiro - Teiro was an Elven lord that attempted to take advantage of the corruption and collapse within the Empire to stage a military coup. His invasion of Throne City sparked a huge war among the various factions still retaining any power, but Teiro's preparedness and superior forces gave him the upper hand -- he was able to take control of most of the Empire's major cities. He finally met his match, though, and was killed during the final battle of the Resistance War.
    • Guildleader Agonar - Agonar's picture stares at you with steel-grey eyes. A Human of middle age, he is solid as a slab of granite, and strong and unyielding as the tallest mountain. His broad-muscled shoulders support a vest of light chain mail -- somewhat worn, but still sturdy. Numerous scars criss-cross his rippling arms, and you note heavy calluses on his hands, souvenirs of long-fought battles and endless campaigns. A heavy bastard sword hangs across his back within easy reach, and a silver neckchain catches your attention, hung with a snarling wolf worked in deepest ebony.
    • Guildleader Dagreth - Burly arms, scarred by age and experience, crisscross in grumpy defiance before Dagreth. The stout Dwarf appears to be irritated at the interruption to his work, the beard and long hair nearly bristling with impatience. His crimson robe is askew, as if even dressing is an infraction on his time.
    • Guildleader Gylwyn - Guild Leader Gylwyn stands serenely beneath the night sky, her blue eyes a match for Xibar, which hovers in the background above her shoulder. Her long black hair frames her beautiful face as she leans over a book of spells. A young novice sits entranced at her feet, though it is hard to determine if his attention is focused on the tome in front of him, or the Guild Leader holding it.
    • Guildleader Lomtaun - Always a Gypsy at heart, Guild Leader Lomtaum's mouth is open in laughter as his eyes sparkle with amusement. He stands atop the massive nautilus shell on Taisgath with several stray wisps of hair caught in the sea wind. Behind and far below him, the colorful sails of a gypsy ship are set against the blue ocean.
    • Immortal Idon - The "reaver" is a god of roving bands of Thieves, as well as rakish rogues who love and leave women, and mothers who abandon their children to continue their life "unburdened." Idon is obsessed with his own good looks; if he sees a man or woman who he feels "outshines" him, he may turn them into a pig. Idon's wild music is loud and annoying -- all percussion instruments are his creation. Idon's melodies are often too outrageous to listen to in polite company, but only the foolish would ever dare to tell him so. While not a good fighter, Idon is excellent at catching people unawares, and he is second only to Damaris in planning an ambush.
    • Trader Guild Crest - On this card you see the crest of the Trader's Guild -- a shield divided by a diagonal line. One half bears the stylized image of a man leading a donkey burdened with sacks of golden coins, the other, a picture of a sailing ship cresting a wave, its sail bearing the image of a large diamond.
    • Warrior Mage Guild Crest x 2 - On this card you see the image of a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords, the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild.