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Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


You see Scrambler Ithschade, a Prydaen.
Ithschade has pointed ears and cat-slitted eyes, one violet and the other black. Her blue-black mane is very long and thick, and is worn loose. She has glittered sepia fur and a slender tail.
She is a mouse-catcher for a Prydaen.

She is wearing a black dagger sheath, an ornate scabbard, an ordinary shield, a hip pouch, a fuzzy gem pouch, a felt Katamba-black hat, some burgundy leather leggings, a fang-tipped iron torque, a sturdy backpack, a black leather ankle sheath set with silver star-shaped studs, a small bundle, some reinforced greaves, a fuzzy gem pouch, a velvet tail coat and a hide breastplate.