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Status: Unknown
Guild: Bard
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown
Associates: Medmaep, [[associates with::Therinos]]

This is a story told to me by one of the Bard's who was around during the Medmaev event.

Tale of a Lost Bard

Siltoth asks, "Clear as far as we can tell?"

You nod at Siltoth, in complete agreement with his views.

You lean forward.

Siltoth says, "The reason I didn't want to speak out there was because Medmaev was once a Songsworn, and not just a songsworn, he reached the position of leading the songsworn."

Siltoth says, "You know, there was a time before either of us joined the guild, when it was still young after being restored, and let's say, the powers at be did not quite agree on the path to take."

Siltoth asks, "Our now beloved Karovaas?"

You ask, "Is that when Siryn and Karovaas were struggling to see who lead the guild in what direction?"

Siltoth says, "I believe Siryn was already dead at that point, I could be wrong, but I think it was the "newer" guildleaders."

Siltoth says, "And yes, they did not see eye to eye with Karovaas, who has his own faction."

You ask, "Ahh, ok. But it was Siryn's path basically?"

Siltoth nods.

You ask, "Do you know what his vision was?"

Siltoth says, "Karovaas from what I understand was more bent on learning power, apperantly by any means necessary, and he balked at little."

Siltoth says, "I believe there was some sort of attempt to gain knowledge of some means that were either sorcerous, or perhaps even necormantic."

Siltoth says, "I could probably dig into that to find out the exact details."

You say, "No need."

Siltoth says, "But something triggered the outbreak, and Karovaas and a few of his supporters were forced to flee."

You say, "That's a scarey thought, how different our guild could be today."

Siltoth nods.

Siltoth says, "What happend in the middle is scary as well."

Siltoth says, "Most of us know the end, his supporters were slain and he was imprisoned for a long time."

You nod to Siltoth.

Siltoth says, "But up until the events surrounding the return of Medmaev, most of us didn't know that one of Karovaas' followers was Medmaep, Medmaev's brother, and not just a brother..."

Siltoth says, "A twin."

You ask, "Was he prominent at that time?"

Siltoth says, "Medmaev was the one leading the songsworn who slain Karovaas' followers one by one and eventually captured Karovaas. He has slain his own twin brother by orders of the guild."

Siltoth says, "They wanted Karovaas to stop causing trouble. Medmaev killed his own brother... Medmaep."

Siltoth says, "So if you want to side track to the philosophical debate, was the good of the guild worth pitting one brother to such a terrible task? Even if the one brother was horribly wrong? History might say that the price has been too high."

Siltoth says, "However, not long after slaying his brother Medmaev disappeared and was considered dead... until... he suddenly returned."

Siltoth says, "There were visions... moon mages saw him bursting out of the ground, literally, as if returning from the dead. That led me to some suspicion, but let's go back to the story."

Siltoth says, "When Medmaev returned he was quite out of his mind, he began constructing a device... out of bardic bones and body parts, and more important... captured bard essences."

You say, "That's how sentient instruments were first created, using the spirits of a dead Bard."

Siltoth says, "This was quite different however, He would capture bards and through some sort of ritual of taking their parts, trap their spirtis within the device."

Siltoth says, "At first we didn't know what was happening, he tested the progress of the device, when activated, it stunned bards everywhere for a short time."

Siltoth says, "That was when it was incomplete."

Siltoth says, "He also coupled with Yalleck, who has a fascination for our music box. That got him soldiers and a way to harrass us."

Siltoth says, "And we had intruders sneaking through the hall."

Siltoth says, "No, that happend earlier. Yalleck died a couple of times during this attempt, but survived to try and work something a few years later with Medmaev."

Siltoth says, "I believe he was either taking advantage, trying to figure out a new way to get the music box, or he was somehow responsible for the resurfacing of Medmaev."

Siltoth says, "Anyway, at some point we figured out what was happening, the device when complete, was supposed to render bards completely vulnerable everywhere, thus allowing anyone to easily dispatch of them."

Siltoth says, "That was to be Medmaev's revenge."

You say, "I'm so glad I wasn't anywhere nearby when any of this happened, but all the poor Bards.."

You frown.

Siltoth nods.

Siltoth says, "One of the songsworn, played bait, and when Medmaev captured her and started the ritual at his secret location, we followed."

Siltoth says, "It was the height of the outcast war and his lair was in dragon spine mountains... we searched for a long time but this time we found it."

Siltoth says, "And killed him."

Siltoth says to you, "It could not be helped."

You say, "It doesn't sound like it."

You sigh.

Siltoth says, "The device was almost complete, we were at a loss of how to destroy it."

Siltoth says, "Then someone said sing, and we all just started to sing."

Siltoth says, "I remember it vibrating in a strange way, then suddenly it was destroyed, the essences of the bards released."

You ask, "Did it explode..or what?"

Siltoth says, "Something like that... I do not recall exactly how it actually crumbled."

Siltoth says, "The picture is not clear in my mind."

You ask, "Then what happened?"

Siltoth says, "Medmaev's things were gathered and we brought them back here... he had very few possessions."

Siltoth says, "One of his lackies, a traitor bard who was imprisoned at some point at Karovaas' old cell disappeared... he had an interesting story later on how he managed it."

You ask, "Do you remember who?"

Siltoth ponders.

Siltoth says, "I'll have to try to remember the name but he was an elf."

You ask, "So basically, Medmaev was forced to kill his brother when trying to stop Karovaas and went psychotic?"

You ask, "Trying to build some sick device to disable Bards so they could then be killed?"

Siltoth says, "He was seen walking about freely later. He claimed to have been forced to act as he did by Medmaev, who trapped his soul in some way to the device. I found that explanation a little to convenient."

Siltoth says, "And yes, you got it, that's basically how it happened."

Siltoth asks, "So here's the the dilemma, what if nobody stopped Karovaas? Would it be worse?"

Siltoth says, "Or if they played it out differently, not sending Medmaev after him."

You ask, "What do you think?"

You say, "I think things are better off the way they are, simply because you need to draw a line somewhere."

You say, "And it doesn't seem like Karovaas knew how to do that, as much as I admire his quest for knowledge. And I do respect him a great deal."

You say, "In a way."

Siltoth asks, "The lesson there I think is, that even when acting in the guild's best interest, empathy is needed and some good sense. Did the guild really need to send out a brother after a brother? Could they have not put someone else in charge of the chase?"

Siltoth says, "I do not doubt that they had a good reason to stop Karovaas, but in hindsight, and maybe not just in hindsight, the execution was terrible."