Kalazashi's House of Majik

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Kalazashi's House of Majik
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 91
Owner Kalazashi
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Magic shops, Warrior Mage shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Kalazashi's House of Majik]
The darkened shop is lit by a pair of oil lamps which sit upon a mahogany counter. Their light does little to dispel the gloom of the interior, but seems instead merely to accentuate the shadows which gather in the corners. Rare gems, precious metals, chunks of cambrinth and runestones all mingle in an unorganized pile on the tray beside the shopkeeper, near at hand as he works to create the magical jewelry for which the shop is known. You also see Kalazashi.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Magical Supplies
Item Price Done
simple talisman 900   
large talisman 10,000   
belradi potion 4,000   !!
naphtha 2,600   No
Page 2 - Cambrinth Items
Item Price Done
Cambrinth Ring - finger: holds 4 mana 3,000   
Cambrinth Pendant - neck: holds 4 mana 3,300   
Cambrinth Waterlily - holds 32 mana 70,000   
Cambrinth Rose - holds 32 mana 73,000   
Cambrinth Leaf - holds 32 mana 68,000   
Cambrinth Skull - holds 32 mana 70,400   
Skeletal Cambrinth Hand - holds 32 mana 71,000   
Page 3 - Gaethzen Items
Item Price Done
Gaethzen Globe 13,000   
Gaethzen Firefly 14,000   
Gaethzen Phoenix 15,000   
Gaethzen Star 13,500   
Gaethzen Moon 13,000   
Gaethzen Sunburst 13,000   
Gaethzen is charged and invoked like cambrinth to generate light.
These hold 32 mana each and cannot be worn.
Page 4 - Runestone Jewelry
Item Price Done
asketine leaf pendant 14,000   !!
moonstone and avaes medallion 15,000   
onyx and azurite amulet 8,800   !!
rhodonite fire sprite pendant 11,000   !!
imnera wind sprite necklace 10,500   
emerald and xibaryl wristband 17,000   
indakar wren charm 9,000   !!
lemicule mermaid pendant 60,000   !!
iheaneu'a shield brooch 80,000   
zengalmi bullwhip charm 14,000   !!
Page 5 - Spell Scrolls
Item Price Done
Ease Burden scroll 101,700   No
Strange Arrow scroll 54,240   No
Lay Ward scroll 54,240   No
Manifest Force scroll 54,240   No
Dispel scroll 67,800   No
Imbue scroll 309,000   No
Seal Cambrinth scroll 162,720   No
Burden scroll 108,480   No
  • Note that these actually are the names of the items in the catalog.