House of the Revenant Fang 423/Shadowy Safehouse

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Shadowy Safehouse
Event House of the Revenant Fang 423
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, General shops
This store only accepts Revenant Fang merits

Limited Quantity

on the large trunk
Item Price Done
sleek silverwood scabbard with deep azure zenganne belt ties - contains gracefully curved audrualm katana with a zenganne-bound hilt 1,000   !!
A total of 3 will be sold.


on the plain catak
Item Price Done
morgawr leather thighband - concentration regen 150   
gnarled bogbirch branch - casts Mental Focus 150   
scrimshaw morgawr bone armband inlaid with blackwater jet - mana regen 150   
five-headed swamp monster anklet - stun hider 150   
morgawr leather thighband - concentration regen 150   

Crafting Materials (Enormous Table)

on the vardite shelf
Item Price Done
gigantic vardite bar - 40 vols 300   No
on the wide drawer
Item Price Done
thick Imperial weave cloth - 15 yards 330   No
on the diamond-hide shelf
Item Price Done
large tyrium bar - 4 vols 180   No
diamond-hide leather - 4 yards 180   No
on the glass shelf
Item Price Done
huge audrualm shard - 5 vols 30   No
deed for diamondique boulder 30   No
crystal-bone stack - 5 pieces 30   No
deed for fulginode boulder 30   No
huge haledroth shard - 5 vols 30   No
deed for some finivire lumber - 5 pieces 30   No
on the deep tray
Item Price Done
large icesteel bar - 4 vols 20   No
huge haralun lump - 5 vols 20   No
huge kertig shard - 5 vols 20   No
on the small display
Item Price Done
massive glaes fragment - 10 vols 15   No
large silversteel bar - 4 vols 15   No

Stat Boosting Rings

on the jewelry box
Item Price Done
resplendent niello ring - Reflex +3 100   
resplendent alerce ring - Intelligence +3 100   
resplendent gloomwood ring - Discipline +3 100   
resplendent audrualm ring - Agility +3 100   
resplendent haralun ring - Strength +3 100   
resplendent glitvire ring - Charisma +3 100   
resplendent darkstone ring - Stamina +3 100   
resplendent iroko ring - Wisdom +3 100   
1 per account. The rings need to be recharged once a year with an infuser stone. Can be used with the hand of glory gift.


on the low shelf
Item Price Done
polished silverwood lyre case - instrument: string (shesegri-etched Elothean web lyre crafted from silverwood) 125   !!
black leather wraparound goggles with button-sized malachite lenses - casts Tenebrous Sense (30 min duration, 1 hour cooldown) 125   
nightsilk assassin's slippers - casts Shadows (30 min duration, 1 hour cooldown) 125   
lotusweave moneybelt stitched with a shifting garden scene - moneybelt (holds 70 coins) 125   !!
on the sturdy case
Item Price Done
lusterless blackwater jet ring - invisibility ring (10 charges, cooldown) 50   
bogbirch dye tub with verdigris copper bands - crafting tool: dye tub 50   
morgawr fang - crafting material 50   
deed for a blackwater jet boulder - crafting material 50   No
on the dark wardrobe
Item Price Done
black shadowsilk cloak - hider: everything but the hands 250   
in the weapon stash
Item Price Done
needle-point glaes fang blade with a vengeance ruby pommel - weapon: light edged (tier 6) 250   
inky bogbirch hunting longbow carved with a diving morgawr - weapon: long bow (tier 6) 250   
on the bamboo tray
Item Price Done
paper Black Fang watcher puppet garbed in shadowed tones - finger puppet 10   No
paper morgawr puppet spangled with black glitter - finger puppet 10   No
softly glistening cube of rubbery black stuff - chewing gum 10   No
length of morgawr tentacle - balloon 10   No
on the wide stool
Item Price Done
wispy-grained bogbirch repair case inlaid with lusterless blackwater jet - siegery set (miniature malachite-scaled morgawr with articulated damite tentacles, miniature Black Fang encampment centered on a square of ebony felt, miniature Black Fang recruit wielding a little steel chain, miniature Black Fang deadeye clutching a silverwillow crossbow, miniature Ilva figurine robed in shadowy dergatine, miniature zombie kobold embedded with a tiny crystal spike) 100   
winged morgawr-scale boots trimmed with muskrat fur - winged boots 100   
shadowy crimson token - Shadow Servant alteration token 100   
shadowy purple token - Shadow Servant alteration token 100   
shadowy silver token - Shadow Servant alteration token 100   
triple-looped strand of cambrinth discs dangling a barghest fang toggle - cambrinth: 100 mana (waist-worn) 100   
black gold knotwork fibula cradling a trillion-cut vengeance ruby - hider: worn armor and itself 100   
prism lotus earring crafted from versicolor glaes - hider: worn weapons and itself 100   !!
on the elegant hutch
Item Price Done
dark basalt scroll case with blackwater jet end caps - spell scroll: Tezirah's Veil 30   !!
smoky quartz scroll case with bogbirch end caps - spell scroll: Icutu Zaharenela 30   
acenite scroll case with blue gold end caps - spell scroll: Beckon the Naga 30   !!
infuser stone - recharges item 30   
potency crystal - upgrades item 30   
on the flimsy rack
Item Price Done
swamp-stained brown parchment - Morgawr Food 1   
swamp-stained grey parchment - Secret Agent 1   
swamp-stained green parchment - Bayou Boss 1   
on the low cabinet
Item Price Done
morgawr scale - crafting material: leather 75   
ink-streaked sack - alteration fodder (bisected black bogbirch bough) 75   !!
braided nightsilk rope affixed with a glaes grappling hook - tool: climbing aid (verby) 75   
moss-green sack - alteration fodder (length of mossy jadeleaf cloth) 75   !!
severed morgawr tentacle - bullwhip 75   
furniture voucher - housing: 100-item storage (spacious Ilithian cedar closet) 75   
marquise-cut vengeance ruby - alteration fodder 75   
translucent quartz jewelry box framed in black gold - contains blackwater jet shesegri ring interspersed with vengeance ruby chips, black gold key 75   !!
on the colorful display
Item Price Done
scraggly jadeleaf cloak with a malevolent bogbirch-antlered hood - backpack-sized pocket? 175   
heavy tapestry excursion pack goldworked with the crest of Ilithi - container: 18 x 13 x 8 (1500 stones) 175   
on the glass stand
Item Price Done
blackwater jet fang etched with shesegri knotwork - hider: all worn items 500   !!
velvet cutlery purse trimmed with Elothean lace - weapons (heavy silversteel salad fork, heavy silversteel butter knife, heavy silversteel soup spoon ) 500   !!
on the ruddy armory
Item Price Done
enveloping shroud of tangled swamp moss - invisibility cloak 350   
lumpy green-black canvas bag - armor: leather (green-black hunting leathers covered in shaggy moss, green-black leather cowl studded with crocodile teeth, rugged green-black leather gloves ) 350   !!
on the shield perch
Item Price Done
scabrous morgawr-scale targe studded with crocodile teeth - shield: small (tier 6) 325   !!
on the arrow bucket
Item Price Done
blackened morgawr spine arrow - comparable to basilisk arrows 20