House M'Henral

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Located only slightly northeast of Kwarlog, House M'Henral controls the only bridge over the Faldesu west of Langenfirth. Most Therengian trade with Kwarlog is conducted by House M'Henral, as the only portion of the Kwarlogian Road in Therengian hands lies on M'Henral land. This has given influence to the House, as well as coin, though it is still not the wealthiest of the Morzindaen. House M'Henral's influence was rewarded when, upon the dissolution of House Dunshade, M'Henral was awarded much of that lordless land.

Crest: A wooden bridge above a single grey tower, on a field of light blue.


  • House M'Henral is currently led by Lord Idrast, grandson of the late Lady Alianhra.