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Greetings, folks!

I am the player of Naeya, Prydaen empath, and Lexara, Elothean trader, in DragonRealms Prime, among others.


If anyone should need to contact me, any of the following methods are fine:

  • My Talk page - This is the primary way to contact me. It is preferred for topics that should remain open to the rest of the wiki users.
  • AIM: EmpathNaeya
  • Email - Slowest response time, but still usable if you need to contact me.


I'm Kazia, player of Naeya. I'm a wife and mother, and enjoy webdesign immensely. It's become an addiction, much like DR.  :)

Loving the "Vector" template for Elanthipedia. Makes it look like Wikipedia! ^_^