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To Use

Use the Player Character Form to easily fill out both the Player_character template and the optional PCSKills template below.

For manual creation:

|name     = 
|status   = a/d/r (active/dead/retired)
|race     =
|gender   = 
|guild    =
|instance = (use "," to list multiple instances)
|relat    = (use "," to separate each)

If you do not know one of the above, leave it blank, or use "-" to disable.

Optional: You can include your stats and skills by adding the template below to the bottom of your page.

Include a parameter for each stat and skill you want to display. For stats and non-guild specific skills use the full stat/skill name as the parameter, removing any spaces if there are any. For your guild skill use the GuildSkill and GuildSkill2 paramaeters.

Note: The infobox will not appear if you do not include any parameters.

|Circle      =
|<StatName>  = 
|<SkillName> =
|GuildSkill  = Astrology/Backstab/Bardic Lore/Empathy/Endurance/Expertise/Scouting/Summoning/Thanatology/Theurgy/Trading
|GuildSkill2 = (the number of ranks you have in your guild specific skill)

|GuildSkill=Bardic Lore