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The Canopy
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Haizen Cugis
Map Ranik's Map 48
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Haizen Cugis, The Canopy]
A forest of heavy, burlap cloth hangs in thin strips from ceiling to sand floor, dyed the color of tree bark. Between the cross-woven supports overhead, many more folds of dark green fabric serve to resemble foliage, though not very convincingly. Amidst the artificial trees dwell several mannequins displaying the wares for sale, most of which stand out starkly from the distinctly non-native landscape.
You also see a spindly wire rack with a few things on it and a row of copper hooks with a couple of things on it.

On the tall mannequins
Item Price Done
gold-trimmed black cloak with a billowing white hood 120,030   !!
pale green cloak surmounted by an embroidered ashen red hood 100,310   !!
sallow white hooded cloak of capacious gossamer cloth 89,001   !!
hooded brown cloak dyed a multitude of desert shades 80,270   !!
flowing powder-blue cloak accented with ivory piping along the seams 90,906   !!
yellow-breasted teal cloak adorned with a rainbow-hued hood 119,025   !!
thick velveteen cloak splashed with a multitude of blood-hued dyes 140,000   !!
On the wire rack
Item Price Done
bone-white sash fringed with dozens of beaded threads 47,409   !!
long cobalt sash stitched with sparkling red comets 59,033   !!
deep green sash decorated with long feathers 42,560   !!
On the copper hooks
Item Price Done
sleek mauve mantle with belled sleeves 33,021   !!
ashen grey mantle with a golden sunburst painted on the back 60,722