Gnarled Dwarf Peddler (2)

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a gnarled Dwarf peddler
Event Guildfest 401, Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438
Owner gnarled Dwarf peddler
# of Rooms -
Store Type Paladin shops, Jewelry shops
Restrictions Paladin, Trader
This store only accepts Lirums
ask dwarf about wares
Item Price Done
1. A gold amulet fashioned to resemble a lion's head 60,000   !!
2. A platinum amulet with tiny mongooses crafted along the rim 40,000   !!
3. A bronze amulet bearing the crest of the Paladin Guild 45,000   !!
4. A silver amulet shaped like a dove 40,000   !!
5. An iron amulet with tiny centaurs along the rim 50,000   !!
6. A blackened ironwood amulet carved in the shape of an adder 60,000   !!
7. A crystal amulet cut into the shape of a heart 65,000   !!
8. A silver amulet crafted to resemble a dolphin 60,000   !!
9. A mirror-finished amulet crafted to resemble a tower shield 50,000   !!
"Just to be clear, all me amulets be designed to hold soulstones, but I ain't providin' them things," he adds. "Ye'll have to get yer own. Once ye have one, ye just need to put it on the amulet. Simple as that, it be!"

[To purchase something: ORDER # FROM peddler]

[To add a soulstone once you have an amulet, PUT SOULSTONE ON AMULET]