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Event Guildfest 405
Owner Osgeth
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Barbarian shops, Cosmetics shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Osgeth's, Entry]
Colorful mixtures of paint spatter the sturdy leather walls of this square-shaped tent. Set in the center of the room is a large wooden post that slants the roof, also covered in a variety of smears. A small hanging lantern illuminates the room, which is fairly empty except for a small wooden table set out on the floor. You also see a heavy deerhide curtain and a square flap.
Obvious exits: none.

The sign reads:

!                                     !
!    Unlike the paintsticks, anyone   !
!    can use the face paint in the    !
!    clay jars.                       !
!                                     !
!    The clay jars do NOT contain     !
!    barbarian warpaint.  The jars    !
!    have enough paint to paint       !
!    your face with a design once.    !
!    Each of the ten jars contains    !
!    paint for a different pattern.   !
!                                     !
!    The face paint in the clay       !
!    jars is made by a friend of      !
!    mine, so don't ask me to         !
!    change it.                       !
!                                     !
On the small table
Item Price Done
red clay jar 1,000   
green clay jar 1,000   
orange clay jar 1,000   
yellow clay jar 1,000   
brown clay jar 1,000   
grey clay jar 1,000   
blue clay jar 1,000   
black clay jar 1,000   
purple clay jar 1,000   
white clay jar 1,000   
Limit of 30 items per person

Basic Paints

Beyond the curtain is Barbarians of 10th or higher circle only.

[Osgeth's, Basic Paints]
Scattered across the floor in a haphazard fashion, makeshift rugs made from various animal furs covers the floor of this large tent. Large bamboo posts form a crude framework for leather hide walls, and spatters of dried paint have been ground into almost every surface. Sitting near the center of the room is a bamboo table with a paint-spattered sign posted by it. You also see a heavy deerhide curtain.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

    |  #    **     ##        ****      ## |
    |    Our basic pa#nts are m*stly    # |
    | #* decorati#e only.**As wi*h all    |
    |  # our #aints, t*ey can only be   * |
    | #  combi#ed #ith the same t#pe    * |
    |    of paintstic***      ###    **   |
    |  #  **     #     *     ##        *  |
On the bamboo table
Item Price Done
red paintstick 500   
blue paintstick 500   
yellow paintstick 500   
white paintstick 500   
black paintstick 500   
Can only buy 30 items per person from beyond the curtain

Savage Paints

[Osgeth's, Savage Paints]
Smoldering with fire within its shallow bowl, a brazier set up near the corner of the room illuminates everything in a reddish hue. Thick paints spread over the rawhide walls crudely form the image of a Barbarian warrior, his arm raised to hurl a heavy wooden spear. In front of the painting is a small table, set out with a variety of paints. You also see a brightly painted sign.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

    |                                     |
    |    THESE SAVAGE PAINTS ARE          |
    |    THAN OUR BASIC PAINTS.           |
    |                                     |
On the small table
Item Price Done
indigo paintstick 2,500   
red paintstick 2,500   
green paintstick 2,500   
black paintstick 2,500   
yellow paintstick 2,500   
brown paintstick 2,500   
umber paintstick 2,500   
white paintstick 2,500   
ochre paintstick 2,500   
blue paintstick 2,500   
Can only buy 30 items per person from beyond the curtain

Berserker Paints

[Osgeth's, Berserker Paints]
A solid framework of lashed bamboo poles supports the hide walls of the large circular tent, each tightly stretched skin sewn crudely to the others. Several small lanterns set into cunningly carved cast-iron frames throw madly dancing silhouettes on the wall, reminiscent of a raging battle. Sitting in the center of the room is a large crate spattered with muted colors. You also see a paint-smudged sign.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

    | #      BE##ERKER PAINTS#   ##       |
    | #These pai#ts can truly ins#ire.    |
    |# They ca#not be combined with       |
    |  #ther types of pa##tsticks.      # #
    |      ##           ##            ### |
On the bamboo crate
Item Price Done
beige paintstick 5,000   
black paintstick 5,000   
lampblack paintstick 5,000   
crimson paintstick 5,000   
yellow paintstick 5,000   
grey paintstick 5,000   
red paintstick 5,000   
blue paintstick 5,000   
gold paintstick 5,000   
white paintstick 5,000   
Can only buy 30 items per person from beyond the curtain

Plunderer Paints

[Osgeth's, Plunderer Paints]
The thick tent walls slope sharply downward from the ceiling, draped heavily over bamboo posts. Oil lamps hang on large cast-iron hooks over a large crate, eliminating most of the shadows from the room. Set up near the wall is a large table full of paintsticks. You also see a thick rawhide curtain, a pedestal with a neatly lettered placard on it and a splattered sign.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

    |   ***    PLU*DERER PAIN**      ***     |
    |    **      ***         *       ***     |
    |  Th*se are *he most ins*iring and*     |
    |  versatile o* our non**ustom paints.   |
    |    **               *      *      *    |
    | **        *         *                  |
On the large crate
Item Price Done
cobalt paintstick 10,000   
bronze paintstick 10,000   
crimson paintstick 10,000   
ivory paintstick 10,000   
green paintstick 10,000   
blue paintstick 10,000   
silver paintstick 10,000   
lampblack paintstick 10,000   
orange paintstick 10,000   
Can only buy 30 items per person from beyond the curtain
On the large table
Item Price Done
olive paintstick 10,000   No
red paintstick 10,000   
grey paintstick 10,000   
yellow paintstick 10,000   
black paintstick 10,000   
ruby paintstick 10,000   
sable paintstick 10,000   
white paintstick 10,000   
gold paintstick 10,000   
Can only buy 30 items per person from beyond the curtain

Meditation Room

This area is closed.

[Osgeth's, Meditation Room]
The walls and ceiling of this small side room are completely constructed of unfinished mahogany. Four reed mats form a square in the center of the floor, and a number of rolled mats are piled in a corner. Hanging from an iron chain secured in the ceiling is a single oil lantern, which burns brightly. You also see a thick rawhide curtain and a painted sign.
Obvious exits: none.