Goods for Life (2)

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Goods for Life
Event Guildfest 405
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Empath shops, Jewelry shops, Trinket shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

Center Showroom

[Goods for Life, Center Showroom]
Soft splashes and the trickling of water echo from a large fountain dominating the center of the room. Golden Musparan silk draperies hang from the walls, and waves of pale and dark gold adorn the lush carpet, reminiscent of the windswept sands of the Velakan desert.
You also see a black velvet fan display with several things on it and a wide glass table with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: north, east, west.

On the fan display
Item Price Done
graceful ivory fan painted with delicate hemlock blossoms 2,000   !!
carved horn fan enameled with twining nightshade flowers 2,000   !!
delicate sandalwood fan dangling a ruby glaysker flower charm 2,000   !!
pierced ivory fan dangling an amethyst jadice flower charm 2,000   !!
graceful ivory fan painted with stylized draconeaia blossoms 2,000   !!
A small note reads:
Please be sure you indicate the correct fan to our salespeople. Many of these pieces are quite similar, but no refunds shall be made!
On the velvet-lined tray (which is on a wide glass table)
Item Price Done
etched platinum haircomb bearing the crest of the Empath's guild 35,000   !!
fragile platinum jasmine blossom haircomb 35,000   !!
delicate butterfly orchid haircomb set with large geshi pearls 75,000   !!
carved ironwood haircomb embellished with amethyst nightshade blossoms 35,000   !!
ivory haircomb adorned with silk draconeaia blossoms 35,000   !!
dainty glaysker flower haircomb set with ruby chips 35,000   !!
stylized white gold jadice flower haircomb 35,000   !!
On the silk-lined tray (which is on a wide glass table)
Item Price Done
strand of polished sapphire beads 250,000   !!
strand of polished fire opal beads 200,000   !!
strand of large black idopun pearls 250,000   !!
long strand of tiny damilyo pearls 100,000   !!
strand of geshi pearls 100,000   !!
length of undyed leather 1,000   !!
narrow black satin ribbon 1,000   !!
wide white satin ribbon 1,000   !!
deep green satin ribbon 1,000   !!
bright red silk ribbon 1,000   
ivory satin ribbon embroidered with glaysker flowers in gold thread 2,500   !!
violet grosgrain ribbon embroidered with draconeaia blossoms 2,500   !!
blue silk ribbon embroidered with purple jadice flowers 2,500   !!
A tiny notecard reads:
The ribbons, pearls and beads on this tray are meant to be worn in the hair.
In the crystal vases (which is on a wide glass table)
Item Price Done
lively white and orange daffodil 200   !!
cluster of delicate orange blossoms 200   !!
thorny-stemmed crimson rose 200   !!
spray of white and lilac monkshood flowers 200   !!
delicate spray of lacy white hemlock blossoms 200   !!
showy violet and yellow iris 200   !!
dainty lavender-blue butterfly orchid 200   !!
blush-pink lily with dramatic magenta stamens 200   !!
lush pink rose with scarlet-tipped petals 200   !!
A small card reads:
These flowers have already been preserved. While their scents were lost in the preservation process, they have been lightly perfumed with artificial fragrances.

East Showroom

[Goods for Life, East Showroom]
Beams of light reflect the shimmering diamond tone of swathes of icesilk that adorn the walls of the room, bathing the area in a luminous glow. Quiet rustling and clinking emanate from a young sana'ati tree placed in the center, strips of silk and strings of coins dangling from its branches among the dewy leaves.
You also see a carved ivory mannequin with several things on it, a white mannequin with several things on it, a pink mannequin with several things on it, a painted ceramic shelf with several things on it, a grey mannequin with several things on it, a dark mannequin with several things on it and a heavy ironwood mannequin with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the ivory mannequin
Item Price Done
sturdy leather helm reinforced with a multitude of ivory plates (1) - bone armor 50,000   !!
scale shirt crafted from a multitude of overlapping ivory plates (1) - bone armor 75,000   !!
pair of articulated ivory gauntlets - bone armor 25,000   !!
gold-hued parry stick with sturdy silken straps 50,000   !!
pair of articulated ivory greaves - bone armor 50,000   !!
On the white mannequin
Item Price Done
cowl crafted of heavy pearl white silk - cloth armor 50,000   !!
pearl white silk shirt adorned with subtle white embroidery - cloth armor 100,000   !!
pair of pearl white silk gloves - cloth armor 50,000   !!
white-lacquered parry stick with embroidered white straps 50,000   !!
lacquered elbow spikes 25,000   !!
white-lacquered spiked knuckles 25,000   
lacquered knee spikes 25,000   !!
snug white silk leggings with subtle white embroidery climbing each seam - cloth armor 50,000   !!
white leather footwraps with white-lacquered toe caps 25,000   
On the pink mannequin
Item Price Done
pale pink linen cowl - cloth armor 150,000   !!
pale pink linen gloves - cloth armor 100,000   !!
pale pink linen shirt batiked with a stylized floral pattern - cloth armor 170,000   !!
gold-plated parry stick with sturdy straps of pale pink linen 100,000   !!
gold elbow spikes 50,000   
gold-plated spiked knuckles 50,000   
gold knee spikes 50,000   
fitted pale pink linen leggings with an abstract floral pattern batiked down each leg - cloth armor 130,000   !!
pale pink leather footwraps with gold-plated toe caps 50,000   
On the ceramic shelf
Item Price Done
gleaming animite parry stick studded with rubies 250,000   !!
unadorned cherrywood parry stick 1,500   !!
platinum parry stick inlaid with bands of jade 150,000   !!
badly dented iron parry stick 1,250   !!
heavily lacquered plumwood parry stick 1,500   !!
On the grey mannequin
Item Price Done
enveloping cowl crafted of heavy grey Musparan silk - cloth armor 50,000   !!
robe of heavy grey Musparan silk embellished with abstract silver beadwork - cloth armor 100,000   !!
pair of grey Musparan silk gloves with abstract silver beadwork adorning the backs - cloth armor 50,000   !!
silver-hued parry stick with reinforced silken straps 50,000   !!
brushed silver elbow spikes 25,000   
brushed silver spiked knuckles 25,000   
brushed silver knee spikes 25,000   
heavy grey Musparan silk legwraps - cloth armor 60,000   !!
silver-toed footwraps with Musparan silk straps 25,000   
On the dark mannequin
Item Price Done
dark steelsilk gauntlets - cloth armor 150,000   !!
dark steelsilk balaclava - cloth armor 200,000   !!
double-breasted coat tailored of dark steelsilk - cloth armor 250,000   !!
blackened steel parry stick with sturdy steelsilk straps 150,000   
blackened steel elbow spikes 25,000   
blackened steel spiked knuckles 25,000   
blackened steel knee spikes 25,000   
pair of steelsilk trousers with blackened steel buttons - cloth armor 200,000   !!
steel-toed footwraps with dark steelsilk straps 50,000   
On the ironwood mannequin
Item Price Done
black leather helm reinforced with a multitude of ironwood plates - bone armor 50,000   !!
scale shirt crafted from a multitude of overlapping ironwood plates (1) - bone armor 75,000   !!
pair of articulated ironwood gauntlets - bone armor 25,000   !!
lacquered ironwood parry stick with dark steelsilk straps 50,000   !!
pair of articulated ironwood greaves - bone armor 50,000   !!

West Showroom

[Goods for Life, West Showroom]
Swathes of Elothean lace swoop along the walls of the bright room, soft and airy as clouds against the pale blue wallpaper. A miniature glass ondjai rests at the center of the area upon a large cherrywood table, each room of the partitioned structure home to a different scene.
You also see a tall cherrywood bookcase with several things on it, a fragile glass stand with several things on it, a fragile glass necklace display with several things on it and a fragile glass ring display with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the cherrywood bookcase
Item Price Done
pale linen compendium 2,000   !!
plush pink compendium 2,000   !!
bloodstained linen compendium 2,000   !!
supple deerskin compendium 2,000   !!
worn black compendium 2,000   !!
lacquered plumwood compendium 2,000   !!
On the glass stand
Item Price Done
Field Medic "On-duty" button - Becomes a Field Medic "Off-duty" button 9,435   !!
Beautician "On-duty" button - Becomes a Beautician "Off-duty" button 9,435   !!
Bone Mender "On-duty" button - Becomes a Bone Mender "Off-duty" button 9,435   !!
Battle Empath "On-duty" button - Becomes a Battle Empath "Off-duty" button 9,435   !!
War Healer "On-duty" button - Becomes a War Healer "Off-duty" button 9,435   !!
Peacemaker "On-duty" button - Becomes a Peacemaker "Off-duty" button 9,435   !!
On the necklace display
Item Price Done
plain leather cord 1,000   !!
simple silken cord 2,500   !!
long gold chain 10,000   !!
fragile silver chain 5,000   !!
delicate platinum chain 25,000   !!
These hold rings.
On the ring display
Item Price Done
simple silver band 5,000   !!
delicate silver ring 5,000   !!
simple platinum ring engraved with the crest of the Empaths' guild 50,000   !!
dainty bone ring carved with the crest of the Empaths' guild 10,000   !!
heavy gold ring inlaid with the crest of the Empaths' guild 25,000   !!