Armor:Heavy grey Musparan silk legwraps (2)

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heavy grey Musparan silk legwraps
Look: Several brushed silver buckles ensure a proper fit and secure fastening. The fabric of these wraps is unusually thick, providing the wearer with a measure of protection in combat.
Type: Light Armor
Areas Covered: legs
Hindrance: minor (/8) / insignificant (1/8) for stealth
Protection: very good (6/15) protection and moderate (6/17) damage absorption for puncture attacks.
very good (6/15) protection and good (7/17) damage absorption for slice attacks.
high (7/15) protection and moderate (6/17) damage absorption for impact attacks.
moderate (4/15) protection and low (3/17) damage absorption for fire attacks.
fair (3/15) protection and somewhat fair (4/17) damage absorption for cold attacks.
low (2/15) protection and poor (2/17) damage absorption for electrical attacks.
Construction: average construction (9/18)
Metal: No
Weight: 30 stones
Appraised Cost: 75,000 Kronars
60,000 Lirums
54,120 Dokoras
75 LTBpoints
75 Tickets
75 Scrips
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Sold by Goods for Life (2) for 60,000 Lirums
Source is Goods for Life (4), Goods for Life (3), Goods for Life (2)