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Forging oil is a crafting tool used in the final steps of most metalworking techniques in the (Blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing, and Armorsmithing) disciplines.

See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

As of yet, this item cannot be crafted, though it it scheduled to become part of the Alchemy discipline.

As a consumable tool, it cannot be repaired.


Big flask of oil painted with stripesfalseextremely ineffective3superior9
Flask of oilfalseextremely ineffective3superior9
Bottle of dark-green oiltrueextremely ineffective3masterfully-crafted12
Bottle of green oiltrueextremely ineffective3masterfully-crafted12
Bottle of silvery oiltrueextremely ineffective3superior9
Bottle of yellow oiltruetremendously effective11superior9
Flask of azure oiltrueextremely ineffective3exceptional10
Flask of beige oiltruetrue
Flask of grey oiltruetrue
Flask of grey-blue oiltruetremendously ineffective2masterfully-crafted12
... further results

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