Fang Oyster Dive

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Fang Oysters are found on the island of Ratha in a shipwreck near the docks and on the island of Taisidon.


To harvest the Ratha oysters, one needs to have the athletics skill to swim to the oyster bed. Because you will be underwater for extended periods of time, having a spell, ability, etc. to help you survive underwater is recommended. Also note that the ocean surrounding Ratha, including the shipwreck, has strong tidal currents. Be aware that if the tide is going out, it will be significantly more difficult to return to land. Once at the oyster bed, SEARCH OYSTER for a chance at a pearl or to get your hand snapped off.


There are 2 locations on the island to find the oysters:

East Side

To get to the oyster bed on the east side of the island, head north from the landing dock until you find the cliff to climb. Once up the cliff, move a few paces north and JUMP LEDGE.
You can fail and get stunned, partially succeed the dive but not go deep enough to the bed, or successfully make the dive to the oyster bed.

You will only have so many chances to make a jump within a short amount of time (approx. 10-12), before you start getting messaging that you are getting tired.
  • All this running up and down is getting to you. Time to rest?
  • That last dive took a lot out of you. Maybe you should rest.
Once you start receiving these messages, you will get a reduced chance to make the full jump to the oyster bed, and possibly a reduced chance to successfully grab an oyster.
The "cooldown" for when you can make jumps again may be around 1/2 hour (more testing needed).

Once at the oyster bed, you will have a short amount of time before the waves push you towards the surface, often enough time to GET OYSTER 2 or more times.
Once you are pushed up, CLIMB CLIFF, GO BRIDGE and then south to return to the dive point.
Once you have an oyster, using a carving knife or shucking knife, OPEN OYSTER WITH KNIFE. In most of the oysters you will open, you will end up with a slimy raw oyster. You also have a chance at a pearl from the list below.


To get to the oyster bed on the west side of the island, head through the village and out the west gate. You'll need to make your way through the various hunting trails to the lagoon (Map). Once there, once you go DOWN into the water, you can collect oysters while avoiding the local zombie piranha in the water by SEARCH OYSTER. On these, there is a chance to get a pearl or a chance to get your hand snapped off.


However, you can also open your oyster and find one of the following pearl types, in sizing ranging from tiny to huge. Appraisal value can vary from a few silver to a few platinum depending on the size and type of pearl: