Enchanter's burin

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The Enchanter's Burin is the tool used by Moon Mages to scribe Celestial Sigils onto objects to create enchantments.




One of the following base items:

  • Handles:
Item Source Description Other
an oak limb foraging an oak-handled burin
a malchata rib S'sugi Malchata a bone burin
a leg bone raw troll legs food item in Shakahn's Grove
a grey carapace sliver Grave Worm a chitinous burin
an angiswaerd tooth Marbled Angiswaerd an ivory burin
a crab claw Salt Crab a chitinous burin
a sand spider mandible Sand Spider a grey chitinous burin
an adan'f tail barb Adan'f Blood Warrior a jagged burin
a discolored kobold rib Skeletal Kobold Headhunter or Skeletal Kobold Savage a discolored burin
a curved tusk Peccary a dull ivory burin


  1. SCRIBE <Yavash, Wren, Spider, Nightingale or Weasel>
  2. CARVE <ITEM> WITH KNIFE until it becomes a handle. Rangers are better at it than other guilds.
    • If you are having someone else carve the burin handle for you, you must show them a completed burin to temporarily teach them how to do so. The syntax is SHOW BURIN TO <PERSON>. If the carver does not carve the burin handle quickly, he/she will get a message that reads "You slowly forget how to carve a burin, and realize someone who knows will have to teach you again."
  3. AFFIX HANDLE TO <GEM> to make the burin. Traders are better at it than other guilds.
  4. Scribe, activate, and bind the <Yavash, Wren, Spider, Nightingale or Weasel> sigil. If you don't have a burin you can TRACE the sigil on. Not all sigil combinations work; if it doesn't the sigil will flicker when scribed/traced and will break if finished. If you wait awhile the sigil will fade and you can put on another.


Once the burin is finished it will be used in all other enchantments. This is the most important tool of an enchanter, as it is necessary to place a sigil on an object. Currently, the quality of a burin has no impact on the process of scribing or the quality of an enchantment due to unresolved bugs in the system.


  • Generally a burin will have 100 charges independent of quality, however processes such as adding additional sigils to increase quality will lower this.