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Sraan Hhrki Crest


The Sraan known as Hhrki represents the soul of the clan or family, which the two founders held in the highest regards. For if one does not have a soul then they are like the mehath or wind, felt but not seen. While the Sraan is majority S'kra'ur, the founders have accepted non S'kra Smolgan for various reasons known only to them. The original soul has wandered these lands for near a century, she has seen many folks wander past, many orders and groups come and go but the clan endears.
The clan tends to be bystanders and observers, for unless you are ru'ati the political machinations are ever changing and one must be subtle in handling them.

The political aspect -- if history is any judge -- is ruthless, ever shifting, and subtle in its machinations.

There is absolutely nothing dishonorable about lying to, stealing from, or cheating an Q'alri, assuming it profits the S'Kra more than it harms the Q'alri.

Sraan Members

Hhrki - Poho Elizzibiana DrikWalla-Eshinar
Hhrkhi - Poho Isaish DrikWalla-Eshinar
Lanahh - Elizzabeth, Tsisis
Oshu - Nyxana
Asharsh - Adalai, Ankhachi
Grah -
Juludan - Garthic
Kapo - Anduvari
Arsharra -
Malk - Sanael
Latagi - Lansaahr
Heitak -
Vastarhhnth - Henil


A shield gules bearing three bears passant eisen. Supporters: dexter, a lion proper; sinister, a lion proper


"Slo ku pivo'hrr'shu, Ushnishs' s'zhaan. Azhaquai Tel'rath'a Gavelg."

House Colors

Grey and Red, the colors represent Ushnish and some of the lava he spreads when he is displeased.

Sraan Cloth/Wood/Gem

Firesilk is the preferred cloth
Adderstone is the preferred gemstone