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The drawknife is a crafting tool used in the Engineering disciplines of Shaping and Tinkering.


Drawknives can be created using forging techniques that fall under the Blacksmithing discipline.


Their repair falls under standard process for metal tool repair.


This crafting tool derives its potency from the material's hardness.

Weight is always 5 x density of the source metal

Template Details Low Carbon Steel Medium Carbon Steel High Carbon Steel
Type Difficulty Speed Durability* Speed Durability* Speed Durability*
short metal drawknife 3 - easy 5 - not very effective 11 - rather reinforced against damage
long metal drawknife 4 - simple 7 - rather effective 8 - marginally vulnerable to damage 7 - rather effective
sturdy metal drawknife 6 - s. challenging 4 - very ineffective 14 - very strong against damage 4 - very ineffective
sharpened metal drawknife 8 - complicated 9 - exceptionally effective 3 - quite fragile and easily damaged 9 - exceptionally effective

* Durability is only the tempered durability to keep table width down. Individual template pages may have more details on non-tempered durability.


 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #Rarity
Aldamdin drawknife capped with an hourglass-shaped fire opalmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5rather reinforced11festival
Bowyer's drawknife with an adderwood hiltwell-crafted7tremendously ineffective2very delicate2festival
Bulbous tomiek drawknife fashioned to resemble a fleeing octopusmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5rather reinforced11festival
Damite drawknife capped with an hourglass-shaped rubymasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Fletcher's drawknife with a orchicalcum hiltwell-crafted7tremendously ineffective2very delicate2festival
Gleaming steel drawknife with a lotusweave-wrapped handlemasterfully-crafted12very effective8marginally vulnerable8festival
Golden oak-hilted drawknife set with a frost opalwell-crafted7tremendously ineffective2very delicate2festival
Green glaes drawknife with gold wire wrapped hiltmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Green muracite drawknife with a wooden hiltmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Haralun drawknife detailed with a battle scenemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Icesteel drawknife with a gold wire wrapped hiltfestival
Metal drawknifewell-crafted7tremendously ineffective2very delicate2common
Metal drawknife edged in glaesmasterfully-crafted12exceptionally effective9somewhat unsound6incidental
Nacre-handled drawknife with a thin kertig blademasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Ornate muracite drawknife fashioned to resemble pink coralmasterfully-crafted12not very effective5rather reinforced11festival
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