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Mana penalty disapeared when going from aware to knows your name status (and I skipped the one in between). Just a log below, feel free to delete it.

R> comm After a moment, you sense that your god is aware of your devotion. > rem bad pray bad

You take off a pilgrim's badge. > You think upon the immortals, and the holy places built in their honor by mortals who have heard them speak, or seen the power of their beings. As you feel your connection to them grow, you sense the eyes of the gods upon you. Roundtime: 10 sec.

You sense that you are as pure of spirit as you can be, and you are ready for whatever rituals might face you.

You feel that your gods have smiled upon you for your attempts to please them. R> wear bad com

You put on a pilgrim's badge. > After a moment, you sense that your god knows your name. > power You reach out with your weak senses and see glowing (2/3) streams of golden Holy mana radiating through the area. Roundtime: 7 sec.

Effects on Power Perceive

  1. You find it difficult to concentrate on the Holy mana around you as you struggle with your wavering faith.
  2. You sense that your wavering faith has slightly hampered your ability to detect the reservoirs of Holy mana around you.
  3. You feel that your strong faith has slightly bolstered your ability to perceive the essence of the gods.
  4. Your magical senses tingle with a surge of power as you tap into the Holy mana about you.
  5. You feel that your unwavering faith and devotion is allowing you to detect great amounts of extra Holy mana.

This is no longer applicable in 3.0. --Saslisena 01:55, 5 October 2013 (UTC)