Deceiver Artifact

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An incredibly complex Lunar enchantment which was completed by Tezirah after 500 years of work by others. Its three components (two semispheres and a key) were a central plot of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy. The powers of the device include summoning shadow creatures and opening portals to the Plane of Probability.

The ultimate result of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy, the Deceiver Artifact was a sphere made from three parts. Two semispheres and a key, seperated for decades by puzzles and traps.

The two semispheres were unlocked by Andraethu's trapezoid statuette (a trap created by Councillor Erzebet), and the Music Box that was housed in Ilithi, respectively.

The third piece of the artifact was a strange, almost translucent key that was held, of all places, within the coffin that housed Mortom Saist's not-quite-dead remains.

Eventually, the three seperate pieces came to Lasarhhtha's hands through treachery and tragedy, becoming the one horror that perhaps released the shadowmaster that slew even an Imperial Emperor centuries ago.

The artifact was quickly retrieved by students of the Moon Mage guild and placed in the Grandmaster's hands.

Grandmaster Taramaine, in a misguided attempt to destroy the device, activated it. This briefly released the sorceress Tezirah from her eternal prison in the Plane of Probability.

Only the combined efforts of the students, and one last good push by one student, Pathian, in particular, sent her back.

The device is now destroyed, a piece of molten slag. Whereabouts unknown, but likely to be in the possession of the Grandmaster or the Throne City Museum.