Dark familiar quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Things You Will Need & Where

  • a woodcutter's hatchet - You can get these from Grek's Food and Supplies in Kaerna's Village for 500 Kronars.
  • a sanrisi tree branch - You will get one of these during the quest.
  • a dark talisman - You will get one of these during the quest.
  • a carving knife - Available in Engineering Societies for 50 copper

Obtaining the Sanrisi Tree Branch

You will have to find a sanrisi tree, one of which can be found on the pathway to Dirge or another which can be found near the death spirits in Leth Deriel's Forest of Night. When you find one you will have to LOOK tree.

The sanrisi trees read:
"A woodsman's skill will release the fruit. To take the fruit would be
to cut ones arm away. From the souls nearby the water drinks. Immersed in liquid, it walks
the first step. From death it lives. Raised earth seeks the offering. Coins of gold, lined 50
in a row, bring forth red as blood."

With your woodcutter's hatchet in your right hand and nothing in your left, CUT SANRISI TREE WITH MY HATCHET until a branch falls from it. GET BRANCH.

Successfully cutting a branch from the tree requires 50 ranks of the Outdoorsmanship skill

Creating the Talisman

  1. With the branch in your left hand and a carving knife in your right, CARVE MY BRANCH WITH MY CARVING KNIFE until it becomes a dark talisman.
    • This step was successful at 21 ranks of engineering.
  2. At this point you will need to find a pool of holy water and dip your talisman in it.
    • In Crossing, from inside the temple gate: north, gclimb stairs, go up till you can't, go door, go arch. Then, DIP MY TALISMAN IN BASIN
    • In Riverhaven, from outside the temple: go temple, northwest, north, east, southeast, south. Then, DIP MY TALISMAN IN WATER

Carving the Talisman

Steps to Carving Properly

  1. With your talisman in your right hand and nothing in your left, RUB MY TALISMAN until it is attuned to you.
  2. Then with your carving knife in your right hand and your talisman in your left hand, CARVE MY TALISMAN until you bring out the 'fine details'.
  3. You now have a completed Dark Familiar talisman!


Kort potion and making an offering at the mound outside the Crossing west gate is no longer necessary.