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A dance flower is a generic term used for a type of verbed items, typically a flower such as a rose or blossom, that when interacted with shows the user in a dancing move. These can be used outside of Dance floors.


  • STUDY: You think that you can eat, sniff, smell, lick, turn, rub and tap the <dance flower>.
  • EAT:(holding) You place your <dance flower> between your teeth, throw your arms in the air, stamp both feet in turn, then twirl around on your heel. With a final flourishing bow you remove the <dance flower> from between your teeth.
  • SNIFF:(holding) You sniff at your <dance flower> and find that it has a sweet, subtle but somewhat artificial fragrance.
  • SMELL:(holding) You sniff at your <dance flower> and find that it has a sweet, subtle but somewhat artificial fragrance. (yes, same as sniff)
  • LICK:(holding) You run the tip of your tongue along the edge of your <dance flower>.
  • TURN:(holding) You twist <dance flower> between your fingers.
  • TURN:(wearing) You straighten your <dance flower>.
  • RUB:(wearing or holding) You run a finger up and down your <dance flower>.
  • TAP:(wearing or holding) You flick your <dance flower> with the tip of your finger.


Sanguine ruby rosetrue
Burnished copper rosetrue
Sparkling eldring rose displayed on a brass stemtrue
Cluster of delicate orange blossomstrue
Gleaming silver rosetrue
Lush pink rose with scarlet-tipped petalstrue
Bright gold topaz rosetrue
Glistening topaz sunflowertrue
Deep black onyx rosetrue
Lively white and orange daffodiltrue
Vivid coral rosetrue
Dainty lavender-blue butterfly orchidtrue
Translucent jade rosetrue
Gleaming sapphire lilytrue
Polished obsidian rosetrue
Glossy malachite rosetrue
Smooth carnelian rosetrue
Showy violet and yellow iristrue
Luminous moonstone rosetrue
Delicate cereus blossom with translucent white jade petalstrue
Brilliant amethyst rosetrue
Fragile mother-of-pearl rosetrue
Brilliant diamond rose with emerald leavestrue
Spray of white and lilac monkshood flowerstrue
Glittering gold rosetrue
Delicate spray of lacy white hemlock blossomstrue
Shimmering opal rosetrue
Sparkling red crystal rosetrue
White marble boneflowertrue
Thorny-stemmed crimson rosetrue
Mottled agate rosetrue
Elegant onyx flowertrue
Glistening amber rosetrue

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