Cleric Shop (Theren)

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Theren Cleric Shop
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
Owner Nongwen
# of Rooms 8
Store Type Cleric shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Theren Cleric Shop]
Sturdy oaken shelves, wicker baskets, and a wooden counter display a variety of clerical wares and necessities in the shop of Sister Nongwen. The air is heavy with smoke from sputtering oil lanterns and incense burners that flicker eerily, casting dark shadows on the shuttered windows. Bundles of herbs and wild grasses hang from exposed rafters, partially obscuring a dimly lit corner of the store.
You also see a small storeroom, Sister Nongwen, and a beaded curtain.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Ritual Supplies
Item Price Done
Incense 50   
holy oil 600   
mobar blood 2000   
sacramental wine 150   
altar candle 120   
Page 2 - Vessels
Item Price Done
Mortar 100   
Pestle 100   
Small Corked Jar - order as "small jar" 300   
Large Corked Jar - order as "large jar" 400   
Page 3 - Miscellaneous Items
Item Price Done
Deobar Block 100   
Amber Block 200   
Acanth Block 100   
Jade Block 275   
Saffron Topaz Block 300   

[Sister Nongwen's Dimly Lit Corner]
Several books are neatly stacked on a small oak table nestled against the far wall. A couple of wooden chairs with colorful cushions offer an open invitation to the weary traveler who wanders into this secluded niche.
Obvious exits: out.

[Sister Nongwen's Back Room]
Neatly kept, this tiny room serves as both living quarters and an additional storeroom. A small cot and a cooking stove designate one corner as the home, while the rest of the room is stacked to the ceiling with boxes and crates placed here in storage.
You also see a beaded curtain and a sturdy oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

  • a bowl of stew can be picked up for free from the stove.

[Sister Nongwen's Garden]
Several troughs filled with colorful herbs and flowering plants growing from rich soil are aligned in orderly rows. A weather-worn wooden bucket filled with well water rests on the cobblestone walkway next to one of the troughs. A sturdy oak door marred by the elements leads to the back room of the shop.
Obvious paths: northeast, southeast.

  • The bucket has free water.

[Sister Nongwen's Garden]
A whitewashed wooden fence encases the small back yard, with muffled sounds from the surrounding buildings and homes of the city drifting in over the painted enclosure. The herbs growing in the troughs in this area have thick stems with sharp thorns.
Obvious paths: southeast, southwest.

[Sister Nongwen's Garden]
Wicker baskets bearing rare and precious herbs hang from a tall oak tree shading the cobbled path. Encircling the large trunk are several racks filled with tiny glass bottles of pastes, powders, and dried herbs.
Obvious paths: southwest, northwest.

[Sister Nongwen's Garden]
Off to the side of the cobblestone walkway stands a low brick wall protecting the jewel of Sister Nongwen's garden, a plot of dirt containing several different varieties of sirese flowers. Wooden poles around the wall support a cloth roof that protects the fragile buds from damage due to inclement weather.
Obvious paths: northeast, northwest.