Naohhi's Boneyard

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Private area for GM Naohhi that is periodically available to players at the GM's discretion.

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Cemetery]
Deep shadows sprawl across a clipped lawn littered with crumbling tombstones. Rising up from the ground, tombstones of various sizes surround a sandstone crypt to the southeast. Stacked like fallen dominoes, the ambient light reveals a row of tilted tombstones. You also see a crumbling Lich Gate and a knotted rope dangling down a freshly-dug hole.
Obvious paths: northeast.


The ground around the stacked tombstones has long since been tamped back down, leading one to believe that the markers fell decades ago.  
Piled against each other, smaller tombstones lean forward in succession until reaching a large cairn-shaped gravestone.


The once polished granite of the gravestone has become pitted from weather and poor upkeep.


Constructed from sandstone, several pits and large sections of disrepair have contributed to the gaping hole on one side of the building.  
Peering at the opening reveals arched ceilings within the interior.

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Wooden Coffin]
Rising up on all four sides, the dirt walls give off the smell of rich earth. Covering the bottom of the hole with little more than standing room, the heavily scratched pine coffin stands empty. A few stray bones and cloth fragments litter the once occupied resting place. You also see a cracked skull and a knotted dangling rope.
Obvious exits: none.

Note: Need a light source or cannot see.

It's pitch dark and you can't see a thing!


Gaping eye sockets gaze blindly outward from the skull.  
A jagged crack along the side of the cranium reveals that the contents of the skull are long decayed.


Tufts of hair and pieces of torn cloth litter the empty casket.

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Crypt]
Stepping into the crypt, the air visibly stirs from the movement and sends a dry, reeking scent of decay and dust that assaults the senses. Spiraling dust motes strike the air and sting the eyes before settling back down slowly. Marble plates line the walls, markers for tombs that have somehow remained sealed. You also see a silk-screened panel and a crumbling wall with a gaping hole.
Obvious exits: none.

A silk-screened panel:

Dyed a soft ivory color, intricate batiking creates a scene of dancing pivuhs across the panel.

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Catacombs]
Revealed in the tenuous light, a nightmarish design can be seen upon the walls. Some demented sculptor has carefully arranged the remains of hundreds of skeletons and neatly stacked them against the wall. Sorted to create a flowing geometric design, the bones radiate outward in lines that have been punctuated by the skulls of various creatures. A single burning torch has been affixed near the stairs, situated within a bracket covered in a greenish patina.
Obvious exits: none.


Set into an iron bracket, the mass of twisted wood soaked in pitch burns steadily, its flames licking the air.


Peering closer at a few of the skulls reveals that each off the sentient races and a myriad of others can be identified.

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Tangled Woods]
Stark, naked trees sway needle-like branches at the darkened sky and cast spectral shadows across the ground. The dense grass gives way to trespassers, leading on past the trees and to a wall of impenetrable reeds. Adding to the unearthly sense of the area, an opaque fog pervades to the east.
You also see a sunken ironwood cart with several things on it.
Obvious paths: southwest.

Bare trees:

Rising like twisted spires, the upward growing branches of the trees rattle against each other in the breeze.
On the ironwood cart
Item Price Done
silver platter of grisly hearts 0   
ebony bowl filled with oshu'mary tea 0   
platter of fried crocodile meat 0   
small bird cage bearing a label that reads "LIVE" 0   
clay pot of aged Prydaen bloodwyne 0   

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Lake Shore]
Dense reeds line the shoreline, shutting out the view of the eerie trees. All around, a heavy fog rests upon the still lake water, blocking out even the sky.
Obvious paths: obscured by a thick fog

[Naohhi's Boneyard, Lake]
Dense fogs from above the waterline have permeated into the water, turning it a cloudy color. With every disturbance, the water around you swirls briefly before returning to silent stillness.
Obvious paths: obscured by the murky water

[Naohhi's Office, <redacted>]
Encased within an expansive air bubble, the room opens up with a floor of soft, white sand littered with an assortment of tiny shells and bones. Comprised of the lake's refuse, an empty desk and chair sit off to one side. To the left of the desk, a large iron bucket painted with a Prydaen has sunken into the sand.
You also see an emerald curtain hanging from an archway.
Obvious exits: <redacted>.

Bone and driftwood desk:

Lashed together, a myriad of bones form the base for a tabletop of warped driftwood.
Childish carvings have been etched into the piece, and a single name has been deeply gouged into the twisted wood.
A driftwood desk reads:
LOOK on desk:
On the driftwood desk you see a bone stylus.

Oddly-shaped driftwood chair:

Crafted from various pieces of driftwood, the twisted portions of material form a rather unconventional, yet serviceable, chair.

Large iron bucket painted with a S'Kra Mur:

A greenish patina has begun to form along the rim.  Painted in fading colors, a dancing Prydaen garbed in a flowing sepia robe adorns the side.
  • note: as of 418, not a typo with the S'Kra Mur vs. Prydaen details

LOOK in bucket:
In the iron bucket you see some hungry fish.

[Naohhi's Office, Bedroom]
Glowing tzgaa orbs overhang ivory and gold silk-hung walls that surround the gold and black mosaic floor. Hanging above a woven hammock stretched between two walls, a stylized painting looks over at a sturdy maple table that rests upon a thin black rug. Interrupting the silk-hung walls, a thick emerald curtain hangs from an archway.
You also see some artfully arranged boneflowers in a viridian vase.
Obvious exits: west.

Can pick:

Tzgaa orbs:

Kept charged by employed mages, the light orbs give a soft, warm glow to the room.


In the center of the room, a large circular image created from gold-colored pieces fans out into a shape suggestive of a starflower.  
Surrounding the central design, a dizzying pattern of chevrons gives the impression of a much larger area.

Woven hammock filled with thick furs:

Hung from two adjacent walls, the hammock is braced on each end by a thick wooden rod that prevents the bed from curling in on itself.
Thick furs from various animals are drapped across the hammock.


The bright green stems of the flowers appear to be segmented and shaped not unlike femurs with slight protrusions near each segment end.  
Framed by dark green leaves, the delicate white blossoms furl outward into six large petals.


Splashes of color litter the canvas of the painting, creating a chaotic scene of dancing pivuhs.  
Spouting bright flames of emerald, one pivuh in particular stands off to the side, wings flared and tail raised as if in challenge.

Sturdy maple table:

Lacquered maple catches the light from overhanging tzgaa orbs, giving the table a soft sheen.
On the table:
Crafted from solid steel, the book's only adornment are the words, "The Book" etched into the metal cover.

Thin black rug:

Woven tightly from reeds and grasses, the rug provides a small barrier between the sturdy sandpit and the mosaic floor.

[Naohhi's Office, Library]
Panels of celadon silk shot through with coppery highlights cover the walls, cloaking the room in subtle elegance. Rows of volumes rest atop deep mahogany shelves punctuated by sinuous bookends. Glowing with a soft light, a stained-glass lamp and a small bowl of sandalwood shavings rest atop a low table near a plush divan.
Obvious exits: east.

Deep mahogany shelves:

Lacquered to a high sheen, the rich wood of the shelves accentuates the silken backdrop opulently.
On the shelves:
On the mahogany shelves you see a book bound in rose vellum entitled "The Flowers of Aesry Surlaenis'a", 
an orange leather book entitled "The Hunter and the Dreamer" and some sinuous bookends.

Sinuous bookends (on shelves):

Carved from ebony, the serpentine figures' lithe bodies are coiled.  With raised heads, they stare balefully with bared fangs.

Low table:

Understated in its simplicity, the small table sits near the divan.
On the table:
On the low table you see a small wooden bowl and a glass lamp.

Stained-glass oil lamp (on table):

Dancing across the shade of the lamp, brightly colored mosaic pieces form sinuous S'Kra Mur figures that seem to sway to and fro as the flame flickers.

Small wooden bowl filled with sandalwood shavings (on table):

Delicate openwork carved into the muted brown wood provides air holes for the shavings and aids their scent to permeate the air in the room.

Plush silk divan:

Piles of colorful cushions line the back of the couch-like piece, allowing one to simply sink into comfort.
On the divan:
On the plush divan you see a pile of intricate cushions.

Pile of intricate cushions (on divan):

A myriad of various colors, each of the pillows appear to be detailed with geometric designs in a multitude of threads.