Cheep & E-Z Petz Kumpanie (1)

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Cheep & E-Z Petz Kumpanie
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Cheep & E-Z Petz Kumpanie, Spidur Branch]
The first thing you notice upon entering the room is the odd smell lingering in the air. There are so many different odors that the resulting conglomeration is one that doesn't seem quite ...right. As you browse, you occasionally identify whiffs of vanilla, potpourri, musk oil, cinnamon and roses. Oddly enough, you also smell what you think is bleach, something that hints of formaldehyde and a very strong occasional burst of pine. You also see a glass display case with some stuff on it, a crooked table with some stuff on it, an overturned reed basket with some stuff on it and a sloppy hand-written sign.
Obvious exits: out.

A sloppy hand-written sign reads:
"Aur petz ar gewd.  Yew bi wun n tak em fer walkz n stuf lyk dat.  
Sum er big, sum er hevy, so dun wyne if yew caint shuv em in yer 
bakpak er sumthin.  Cheep n eezy sow we howp yew lyk em cuz we lyk 
cheep n eezy stuf to."

On the display case
Item Price Done
dead pet rock 3,157   
wrinkled green iguana with two tiny horns glued to its head 4,059   !!
dead tree frog with bulging eyes 2,255   
fluffy dead sheep with a pink bow tied around the tail 8,118   !!
dead brown and white guinea-pig 4,510   
expired blue parrot with a stick nailed to his feet 4,961   
small dead dried-up goldfish 2,255   !!
dead rat snake with a large bulge in the middle 6,765   
raggedy dead raccoon with caravan wheel-marks running across it 5,412   !!
desiccated dead squirrel with a long fluffy tail 4,059   
On the crooked table
Item Price Done
bloated dead bovine with gangrenous hooves 14,883   
featherless dead chicken with a broken neck 4,961   
flea-bitten squirrel with a tattered tail 4,059   !!
dead puppy 5,863   
mangy flea bitten dead baby yak 8,569   !!
stinkin' dead dingo with a bloated belly 6,765   !!
stiff and fluffy dead grey cat 5,863   !!
dung-matted dead monkey wearing a wicked sneer and a puce eyepatch 6,314   
stiff brown ferret 4,059   
gangly pullayur skewered with arrows 4,510   
On the reed basket
Item Price Done
dessicated tarantula with its legs curled inward 3,157   
tiny white mouse 3,157   
dead turtle with a cracked shell 4,510   
dead white duck with a floppy neck 4,510   
ruffled headless canary 3,157   !!
rotting skunk with a cork 5,863   !!
dead black rat with its throat ripped out 3,157   
flat dead orange cat with a small brass bell 5,863   
beige and white headless dead hamster 3,157   
dead brown gerbil with a crooked left ear 3,157