Item:Catnip treat

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catnip treat
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Metal: No
Properties: This is an item.
Sources: Source is Hollow Eve Festival 432/Auction, Catnip Table

Single use item that can add +1 tier to a less-than-fully-upgraded kitten. User must own the kitten they are trying to upgrade. [Note: If you purchase this item, it will only work for you. You cannot sell/trade to others!] Item destroyed upon use.

  • You could RUB the catnip treat while holding an untrained kitten to motivate the kitten to learn new tricks. It will ONLY work for you, as you are the original purchaser.
  • [This will allow you to upgrade a kitten belonging to you by one tier.]
  • [The catnip treat is bonded to you without charges.]